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The importance of a Microsoft 365 backup

Microsoft 365 seems to be a safe and reliable option for many organisations. Once all your data is in the cloud, the assumption is that a backup is no longer necessary. Nothing could be further from the truth. It is very important that you continue to protect

Benefits of private AI within Azure cloud infrastructure

In the rapidly changing landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), many companies are looking for ways to leverage this technology in a secure and compliant manner. Private AI within an MS Azure environment offers a good solution for this. We explain to you the possibilities. We also share

Microsoft gives Azure a major upgrade with ARM chips

Microsoft gives Azure a major upgrade with ARM chips. Until recently Amazon Web Services (AWS) has been the only one to invest heavily in ARM workloads. Google and Microsoft relied on the generic Ampere Altra chips. That is now changing, because Microsoft is adding the Maia and

What Is Microsoft Teams Phone

The phone system within your organisation is more important than ever before. Employees are increasingly calling from different locations and are more mobile. This means your business needs a robust business phone network. Microsoft Teams Phone makes it possible to contact employees from any location. We will

AI to Enhance Business Intelligence in Finance

It is crucial for the finance department to embrace the latest technological innovations. Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Business Intelligence (BI) are indispensable tools that enable finance specialists to take their work to the next level. Tech-Wales will explain how AI can enhance Business Intelligence in your finance

Cyber Security Awareness Month October

October is cyber security awareness month, a theme that actually deserves attention every day. How do you ensure that your colleagues are and remain security-minded? In this blog Tech-Wales will give you practical tips to approach security and safety awareness in a pragmatic way. Why is cybersecurity

IT Solutions Company – For All your Business IT

Why is it important to have one company look after all your IT solutions. Having all IT services with one company helps your organisation in this competitive world. It offers your company a strategic advantage, because Tech-Wales strongly believes in the power of an integrated approach and

Microsoft Purview Explained

In this blog we will explain what Microsoft Purview can do for your business. MS Purview is Microsoft’s answer to data management (Data Governance) and data flows (Data Lineage) and helps you manage data in local databases, multi-cloud data sources and various SaaS applications. MS Purview helps

Microsoft OneDrive New Design and AI Copilot

Microsoft OneDrive has now a new design and AI Copilot. Microsoft has released a completely refreshed OneDrive web environment with many exciting new features and improvements. To make life easier for all users, Microsoft has implemented numerous innovations to OneDrive for Business. At the same time, Microsoft

Windows Server 2012 and 2012 R2 End of Support & Options

Microsoft will end support for Windows Server 2012 and Windows Server 2012 R2. On 10th October 2023, support for these server operating systems will be officially ended by Microsoft. This means that after this date, users will no longer have access to security updates, bug fixes, technical

Importance of Cyber Security

In our modern world, where technology has become an integral part of our daily lives, information technology (ICT) has become not only a tool, but also a target for criminals. Cyber security of ICT systems and data is crucial to guarantee personal privacy, valuable documents and trade

Microsoft Copilot for Windows 11

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has made tremendous progress and has become increasingly integrated into our daily lives. One area where AI is having a big impact is the technology world and Microsoft has now introduced Copilot for Windows 11. At the moment of writing Windows

What is Microsoft Office OneNote and How To Use It

Microsoft OneNote is actually a digital notepad but with smart extras. You can of course take notes and write down ideas. In addition you can also insert images, videos, documents, emails and audio files. In this blog you can read what Microsoft OneNote exactly is and how

How to move your office IT infrastructure

Moving your IT infrastructure to another location can be challenging. It requires careful planning, organisation and a thorough inventory of your technology needs and challenges. Tech-Wales explains how to move your office IT infrastructure. Evaluation of your current IT infrastructure Before you begin your IT move, it

Multi-cloud identity management with MS Entra

Microsoft has announced MS Entra, a suite of identity management solutions designed to simplify securing a multi-cloud environment. This will make Multi-cloud identity management easier with MS Entra. It can be quite complicated to manage multiple standalone security solutions. Cloud security, especially how to handle security in

Hackers are staying unseen in a company network longer

The number of Kerberoasting identity attacks has increased nearly six times in the past year. Legitimate RMM-tools (Remote Monitoring and Management), on the other hand, are used by hackers three times as much last year. These trends mainly seem to show that hackers are looking for ways

Microsoft Teams Room Licensing Changes July 2023

Microsoft has announced changes to the licenses for Teams Rooms and the use of Teams Room systems from July 2023. All Teams Rooms must have a Teams Rooms Basic or Pro license from July 2023. If you do not do this, you will no longer be able

The New Microsoft OneDrive – What has changed

Microsoft OneDrive gives you the freedom to access your files and collaborate from anywhere, while taking advantage of Microsoft’s world-class security at the same time. However in today’s fast-paced work environment, where tasks are constantly changing, we often need something more. We need a faster and easier

How to get the most out of MS Teams

More and more organisations are using Microsoft Teams. MS Teams improves the collaboration within your organisation and enables hybrid working. MS Teams makes it easier to talk to each other, share documents and have meetings. Tech-Wales has listed a few points that will ensure that you get

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Explained

Microsoft Dynamics 365 is a household name in IT. But which products and services exactly fall under it and how does everything integrate with each other? Tech-Wales explains what Microsoft Dynamics is and what it can do for your business. What is Microsoft Dynamics 365? Dynamics 365

Remove cookies from Chrome, Edge and Firefox

Too many cookies stored in your browser can negatively affect your browser performance. It is very good practise to now and then remove them from your browser. Tech-Wales explains how you can remove cookies from Chrome, Edge, and Firefox. What are cookies? Cookies, you don’t see them

What is Microsoft Fabric and what are the benefits

Microsoft has announced Microsoft Fabric, which integrates existing solutions to make data analytics easier. From the 1st July 2023 all Power BI customers can use MS Fabric. In this article we will explain what Microsoft Fabric is and how it can benefit your business. What is Microsoft

Improving your sales and marketing process

In a growing organisation, it is impossible to keep working with leads and customers in spreadsheets for relationship management. This will take up a lot of valuable time. You will also notice that the more your business grows, so will error proneness and opportunities are missed. How

Tips for a successful migration to Azure

For a successful migration to Microsoft Azure, you must first answer a whole set of questions. You will need to ask yourself which applications are most suitable for a migration, how to best prioritise and how can I migrate without disrupting business processes. And how can I

New trends in cloud, data centers and edge infrastructure

There are always new trends in ICT. Especially in the cloud technology trends keep following quickly. We provide you with the latest new trends in cloud, data centers and edge infrastructure. Cloud teams will optimise and restructure their infrastructure Cloud use is now almost universal, but it

AI-Driven Sales with Microsoft Viva

If an important part of your business is sales, you are of course primarily concerned with selling the products and services of your organisation. Although you prefer constant pushing of sales, you undoubtedly also spend a lot of time researching, processing data and analysing. What would it

What is Microsoft Entra

Last year Microsoft has launched Microsoft Entra. What exactly is Microsoft Entra? MS Entra is a new product family that now includes all Identity and Access Management (IAM) products and services. The new brand suite is part of the rebranding of a number of large MS suites

Check if your Business IT is ready for the future

You probably already know how important IT is for your business. However due to fast developments it is just as important to check if your IT structure is future proof. We provide you with some tips to check if your business IT is ready for the future.

Microsoft Places Explained

Hybrid working is the new trend. Although the COVID-19 pandemic seems like ages ago many organisations are still embracing hybrid working. Hybrid working provides employees with flexibility, less sickness reports, increased productivity and cost savings for your organisation. There are many software packages which helps making hybrid

A guide to cleaning up your digital data

Most organisations have embraced hybrid working. Yet in practice they often stumble over information management, which is usually insufficiently organised. Where do you store information securely and how do you efficiently share your files? How do you comply with laws and regulations? A huge challenge for IT

MS Word introduces Paste Plain Text Shortcut

Strangely enough it hasn’t always been straightforward to paste text into an MS Word document as plain text. The functionality has existed for some time in the browser version of MS Word and Microsoft Teams, but the desktop version of Microsoft’s word processor does not have it

Microsoft Copilot AI-tool for MS Power Apps

In the current digital workplace, it is important to work smarter and more efficiently. To support smarter and efficient working Microsoft has now introduced its latest AI-tool: Copilot. This revolutionary tool is a valuable addition to the business MS 365 environment. In this blog you can read

ICT Solutions for Small to Medium Size Enterprises (SME)

It can be difficult to balance your ICT budget as a small to medium size enterprise. This is one of the reasons why it has become a neglected topic for many SMEs. It is also difficult to make decisions in this area as a non-IT person. The

Save time & money with Microsoft Viva Topics

The biggest challenge of staff working with data? Finding the right information quickly. For example, it can be quite difficult to find an expert on a specific subject, understand company abbreviations or find the right documentation about (business) processes. Not really conducive to productivity. Microsoft Viva Topics

Top 5 Cyber Security Risks for your Business

Sophisticated cyberattacks are a problem of all times for any business. Large and small organisations from all sectors are today overwhelmed with urgent security tasks. Especially now that a lot of organisation work hybrid, the integration of the right security measures is essential. To find out exactly

What is Microsoft Power Automate

What is Microsoft Power Automate? Many companies have countless processes that could easily be automated, but most of the time they lack the right tool to make this happen. With Microsoft Power Automate, companies have the opportunity to set up and model appropriate automations based on their

MS Teams Free users will need to switch

Microsoft Teams Free (Classic) will be retired on 12th April 2023. MS has announced the MS Teams (free) version, however this will not include a direct migration of your chats, files, teams and channels. This will force companies to do it manually or resort to the paid Teams

IT and Security Trends for 2023

What will be the IT and security trends for 2023. Hybrid working has been a trending topic for years, ever since COVID. With hybrid working comes working in the Cloud and good ICT security. We will give you an overview of the latest trends in ICT and

Microsoft 365 update from MS Ignite 2022

During MS Ignite 2022 lots of new features have been announced for MS 365. We give you an overview of the most important Microsoft 365 updates from MS Ignite 2022. We already have discussed some items briefly in previous blogs however we did want to give you

Introducing better MS 365 & OneDrive integration on ChromeOS

Google will soon introduce better MS 365 and OneDrive integration on ChromeOS. This means that Chromebook users will have better access to Microsoft services and products. Google wants to make it easier for Chromebook users to download Microsoft 365 and make access to OneDrive better. Google has

SharePoint Document Management System

SharePoint Document Management System is a very powerful way to manage your business documents. Electronic or printed documents are a critical part of almost any organisation. It can be challenging to manage business knowledge, which often comes from multiple sources. Depending on the nature of your business,

Benefits of using Power BI for your Business

There are significant benefits of using Power BI for your business. As a business you  receive a large amount of data every day. This concerns interesting data that can provide insight into certain trends that you can better respond to in the future. However your organisation does

What to expect of Windows 11 in 2023

Windows 11 has had a couple of minor and major updates in 2022. The biggest update was the recent 22H2 update. The updates has made Windows 11 system stronger than when it was first rolled out. Windows 11 is finally worth upgrading to. But what can we

How can Microsoft Priva help your business

Protecting privacy is a top priority for organisations and consumers alike and concerns about how personal information is handled are on the rise. Laws and regulations have global implications, governing how organisations must store personal information and giving people the right to control how their personal information

Avoid Business Intelligence Mistakes

Business Intelligence (BI) provides your company with valuable insights. Yet many organisations stumble over its implementation. Tech-Wales will provide you with some tips to avoid Business Intelligence mistakes. These tips will help you get more out of your data and how Tech-wales can help. Measuring is knowing.

Christmas Opening Hours 2022

Please find below our opening hours over the festive period: Friday 23rd – 8:30 ‑ 5pm Monday 26th – Closed Tuesday 27th – Closed Wednesday 28th – 9am ‑ 4pm Thursday 29th – 9am ‑ 4pm Friday 30th – 9am ‑ 4pm Monday 2nd Jan – Closed

Difference Between IaaS, Saas and PaaS Explained

When reading about the cloud and related services, the terms IaaS, SaaS and PaaS are often used. We explain the difference between IaaS, Saas and PaaS. Cloud computing is a broad technological concept that can have many different interpretations. When looking for the optimal IT structure, companies

New built in screen recording tool Windows 11

Mac users have had a screen recording function built in for years. Microsoft has been catching up and introduces a new built in screen recording tool for Windows 11. Microsoft is finally adding a built-in screen recording tool to Windows 11. Previously users usually had to rely on

Microsoft is rolling out sign language mode in Teams

Microsoft is rolling out a new feature, Sign Language View, in MS Teams. The Sign Language View has only been rolled out in preview for now and should make it easier for deaf and hard of hearing people to attend Teams meetings. The Teams developers created the

Microsoft Azure launches DDoS IP protection for SMBs

A public review of Microsoft Azure DDoS IP Protection for SMbs has been launched. The service must protect SMBs against DDoS attacks. According to Microsoft, DDoS attacks are an increasing threat, which SMBs are increasingly affected by. Research shows that in the third quarter, the number of

MS Teams Progressive Web App available for Linux

On Linux, the Microsoft Teams app will disappear. From now on you will have to use a new Progressive Web App if you want to use Microsoft Teams on Linux. The MS Teams Progressive Web App is now available for Linux. Microsoft Teams Linux app discontinued Whereas

What is Microsoft Viva Connections

Digitisation and the new way of working, every organisation has to deal with it. For example, hybrid working has become the norm for many organisations. Important obstacles from the past, such as a lack of necessary systems, have disappeared in many cases. Productivity also increases and finding

Upcoming changes to Microsoft 365

The Microsoft Office 365 suite is a hosted, online version of the traditional installed version of Microsoft Office software. This online service is subscription-based and includes Office, Exchange Online, SharePoint Online, Lync Online and Microsoft Office Web Apps. The advantage of the Microsoft Office 365 suite is

Why your organisation should use MS Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is the mail program that is included in Microsoft 365. This makes it a direct part of the modern workplace that is created with Microsoft 365. The advantage of MS Outlook is that all policy settings in the organisation are implemented. This makes management easier

Microsoft Viva Goals for Achieving targets

Viva Goals is one of the most powerful tools in Microsoft’s recent Viva platform. There is also great potential for team development and integration within Microsoft Teams. Just released in August 2022, Viva Goals is still fresh and relatively unknown to most people. That’s why we want

Hybrid working can be a threat to cybersecurity

Hybrid working is still very popular, which is why it is very important that your business cyber security is in order. The smallest data breach can lead to huge problems. Hybrid working can be a threat to cyber security and this must always be prevented. Prevent threats

How to prevent your router being hacked

It is common that routers are hacked. Poorly secured routers are very vulnerable and people and businesses pay far too little attention to this. Tech-Wales will provide you with guidance to prevent your router being hacked. Change the standard password on your router Let’s start with one

Working faster with the cloud

Is your business IT is slowing down your processes? It can happen, while speed is nowadays a condition to remain competitive. For example, customers expect faster answers and employees stay involved longer if they can work together in a modern way, quickly and efficiently. Will you work

What is Microsoft Bookings

MS Office 365 has several apps that are very useful. Outlook, Word, Excel are programs that you are undoubtedly familiar with. There are also many apps that are much less known, but that are very useful. In this blog we explain what Microsoft Bookings is. What is

What is Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) makes it possible to manage devices remotely. Organisations increasingly use mobile devices such as laptops and mobile phones. Managing all devices has therefore become quite a task. MDM makes it possible to manage devices remotely. This is not only useful for mobile devices,

Creative Brainstorming with MS Whiteboard

Hybrid working is here to stay and your business will need all the modern technique to keep your business running smoothly. However we do miss the spontaneous brainstorming sessions at the office to create new ideas. Just write one thought after another on a whiteboard and decide

Microsoft Teams new chat functionality

Microsoft Teams is constantly developing and improving. Microsoft has announced new chat functionality to MS Teams. We will take you through the new innovations. Introduction of new chat functionality MS Teams Microsoft Teams is getting a new update that allows users to start a group chat by

Why has Microsoft disabled macros as standard

Do you receive MS Office files from clients or other agencies via email or download? If these files contain macros, Microsoft will disable these macros by default. But why does Microsoft disable macros as standard? What are macros and why disable macros? Macros can add a lot

Microsoft Viva Engage is now available

Microsoft Viva Engage is now generally available for your business. MS Viva Engage, which has been built on the by MS acquired Yammer, is intended to give employees more communication options, allowing employees to connect with their company. According to the Microsoft, Viva Engage is a social

New features for hybrid workers in MS Teams

In the past year, Microsoft has introduced more than 450 features in Microsoft Teams to help people work synchronously and asynchronously in hybrid and remote work environments. In July, the company announced more features to enhance its AI-powered hybrid work experience. We give you an overview of

Reasons to outsource the migration and management of Office 365

Are you still working from an on-premise environment? Then you should consider making a switch to working in the cloud. As there are many benefits associated with this, organisations make the decision to make the switch every day. This choice has major advantages for your organisation. You

Working more efficiently with Microsoft MyAnalytics

Our way of working is changing. This means that businesses are developing new ways to improve the productivity of their employees. But what is the best way to improve productivity? One of the possibilities is Artificial Intelligence. Microsoft MyAnalytics helps employees and employers to gain better insight

Microsoft Inspire 2022 Recap

Microsoft Inspire is the annual event for Microsoft partners around the world that showcases the latest technology innovation. We give you a recap of Microsoft Inspire 2022. Key topics this year included how modernisation and migration can help you innovate, the new digital imperative for hybrid working,

Microsoft launches Windows 12 in 2024

Microsoft may change its Windows release cycle to a three year cycle. This could mean, among other things, that the next Windows version, Windows 12 wil be launched in 2024. Microsoft is at an advanced stage of customising the Windows release cycle. This would mean that a

MS Defender now on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android

Microsoft has launched a new Defender cybersecurity app for Windows, macOS, iOS and Android on 16th June 2022. While Microsoft has used the Defender name for its antivirus protection for years, this new cross-platform Microsoft Defender app is designed for individuals as more of a simplified dashboard

Co-organiser role now available in Teams meetings

Wouldn’t it be great if you could host a Teams meeting but let others help you with organiser tasks? The co-organiser role is now available in MS Teams meetings, however there are some limitations. About MS Teams meetings co-organiser role Organisers can assign the co-organiser role to

Microsoft Teams choose where files are downloaded

MS Teams is a widely used application to arrange online meetings. Also many files are being shared via MS Teams. Now MS Teams will finally provide support for choosing a preferred folder for downloaded files. Microsoft Teams will soon allow you to choose a preferred download location

Be aware: IE11 will retire in June 2022

As previously announced, Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) is almost retiring and will no longer be supported. The desktop application will be retired for certain versions of Windows 10 on 15th June 2022. This means that the application will no longer be supported from then on and is

Microsoft Loop explained

Microsoft Loop is a new application within the Microsoft 365 environment. With Microsoft Loop, employees get a powerful and flexible canvas on which to work. The contents of this canvas can be quickly and easily placed in applications such as Microsoft Teams. Microsoft Loops integrates closely with

Microsoft 365 Tips and Tricks for the search box

When your a Microsoft 365 user you will know that the search function is a powerful tool. In this blog post, we’ll discuss some tips and tricks to help you get the most out of Microsoft 365 search. We cover everything from basic functions to more advanced

Get more from your SharePoint Environment

Most people know SharePoint as a convenient storage location for files. By saving files in SharePoint you can always and everywhere access the files of your team or department. You can open files and edit them together at the same time. However SharePoint is more than a

Microsoft Edge will soon include a free built-in VPN

We have already highlighted the importance of using VPN in a previous blog. We also explained how to set up VPN for Windows 10. With a lot of people still working from home having a good VPN for extra security is vital for you organisation. Now Microsoft

Prepare questionnaires with Microsoft Forms

Would you like to do research or create a survey? With Microsoft Forms you can do this quickly and easily. With Microsoft Forms you can create polls, quizzes, forms or surveys. Once the results have been received, they are displayed visually in a beautiful dashboard. You can

How to improve hybrid working with Microsoft 365

The hybrid work model not only helps employees become more productive, but also promotes a better work-life balance. Microsoft wants to further enhance the experience through the Microsoft 365 suite of productivity tools. Let’s take a look at how Microsoft 365 can improve hybrid working. Metaverse for

Microsoft new ink-first app Journal

If you’re a Surface tablet owner or just someone who prefers to use ink over a keyboard, you might be looking for an app that prioritises the pen. There is a new Microsoft app for that: Journal. Journal is Microsoft new ink-first app. Journal isn’t just a

Microsoft Lists app to improve workflows

Keeping lists can be a boring task. However we all do it as a daily requirement. A to-do list, a list for the holiday transfer, a checklist for hiring new employees, a list for keeping track of the mileage. We often record these kinds of lists in

Microsoft introduces shared channels in Teams

Shared channels are a new kind of channels that you can add to a Team in Microsoft Teams. This makes it easier to collaborate with internal and/or external people. Adding people to a shared channel gives them access to only the information in that channel. The advantage

New MS Teams tools to improve user experience

Most people use Microsoft Teams to arrange virtual meetings. Especially when a lot of employees are working from home and the increasing hybrid work culture. As the Covid outbreak is now at a standstill in many parts of the world, the communication platform has introduced several tools

Prepare for the BT 2025 ISDN & PSTN switch off – digital switchover

BT have announced they are planning to switch off their PSTN and ISDN network. This basically means that the traditional phone landline as we have known for a long time will cease to exist and phone calls will be routed over Internet Protocol (IP). This is also

Microsoft 365 apps you did not know about

With a program as powerful as Microsoft 365 you can organise and manage your business more efficiently. The different locations provide connectivity within the company, making communication and workflows a unifying experience. Since Microsoft wanted to build apps that would meet the needs of every user, there

New features in MS Teams in February 2022

Microsoft will add new features to MS Teams to improve functionality on a regular basis to help your organisation work remotely. Tech-Wales gives you an overview of the new features in MS Teams for February 2022. Not seeing yourself in a meeting During a meeting in MS

Important steps towards a data driven organisation

In many organisations data-driven management is at the core. Using data is often mainly placed within the IT structure. However data-driven management without a well-supported targets or goals from the business often remains no more than a series of separate initiatives without a clear strategy. Working with

Ensuring business continuity by working with an ICT partner

In 2022 many companies want to grow and innovate. However they are often unable to pursue growth of the business. There are a number of reasons for this but the main cause is a lack of staff. It is very difficult for companies to find the right,

How to use Planner in Microsoft Teams

The Tasks by Planner and To Do app in Microsoft Teams from Microsoft 365 brings together your individual and personal tasks from To Do and Outlook with your team tasks from Microsoft Planner. Project management will be easier when you can see your work in one place.

User tips for Microsoft 365 apps

Microsoft 365 contains several applications. You can think of Word, Excel, Outlook, Teams, SharePoint and PowerPoint. You probably already use many of these apps, however do you also know where to find all the useful functions? In this blog Tech-Wales will give you some smart tips and

Latest new features in MS Teams December 2021

Microsoft has added new features added to its Teams collaboration service in December 2021. The biggest improvements are end-to-end encryption (E2EE) support, Teams Rooms updates, a new SIP Gateway service, Teams-certified devices, and much more. New features for Microsoft Teams meetings Microsoft has made some improvements to

Just antivirus software is insufficient protection against ransomware

The chances are quite high that an organisation will be hit by ransomware at some point. It is therefore important to think about the protection of the IT environment. This requires a security and a remediation strategy. The IT environment of a business is usually well protected.

New OneDrive Files On-Demand experience rolling out on macOS

Microsoft has started rolling out a new Files On-Demand experience for OneDrive users running macOS 12.1 or newer. Microsoft announced the new Files On-Demand in July 2021. Files On-Demand will offer the user a better experience, better application compatibility and better reliability. Files On-Demand uses a new

Windows 11 Widgets support

Windows 11 is all about design improvements based on WinUI. It also brings back a long lost feature called widgets that are similar to Windows Vista gadgets. If you have used Windows 7 or Windows Vista in the past you will be familiar with the term gadgets

Innovation with Microsoft PowerApps for SMBs

In the current climate it can be difficult to recruit developers for your organisation and developing an online platform can be a time-consuming task. Luckily low-code and no-code solutions have been emerging for several years now. Various mature and reliable solutions are currently available. Microsoft has also

How to make the perfect screenshot on your laptop, Mac or mobile

Screenshots are a useful tool for business and personal users. This way you can quickly show what exactly the issue is on the screen. This can be an error message or another issue which needs to be resolved. Often you are being asked to send a screenshot,

Myths about IT infrastructure

There are many myths circulating about IT infrastructure. Many of the misconceptions are conceived and fed by organisations trying to sell you something. It’s high time to deal with these myths once and for all. We are currently going through an infrastructure transformation. Vendors promise easy, scalable,

Most important cyber security trends for 2022

Anticipating problems is better than reacting. This is completely applicable in the IT industry. Especially because of all the rapid developments. That is why it is important to be aware of what the latest trends and dangers are relating to cyber security. In the past year we

Microsoft introduces Teams Essentials

Microsoft Teams has been a vital application for many organisations in the past few years. Due to a lot of staff working from home MS Teams has been instrumental in organising online meetings and collaboration. MS Teams is free for everyone to download. However Microsoft has now

The risks of using synthetic media

What is synthetic media exactly? We probably all used synthetic media. Face filters that brighten up the video meeting, an automatic transcription for the subtitles of that tutorial video or the use of a digital clone because that one colleague did not have the opportunity to be

Why backup internet connection is vital for your business

An internet connection is unmissable for all companies these days. Without an internet connection, carrying out your daily work or supporting the customer is not possible. That is why it is important to ensure your business has a backup internet connection. A backup internet connection means that

Microsoft will stop support for OneDrive on Windows 7 and 8

Microsoft OneDrive is a well known cloud service. OneDrive allows you to store files in the cloud for use on different devices. As we speak OneDrive is a very popular cloud service and used by many organisations to store their files. However like Microsoft announced the end

Wi-Fi 6 explained

Wi-Fi 6 is the latest version of Wi-Fi. This allows you as a user to achieve higher speeds. Your Wi-Fi coverage is also better and your network is less slower when it is very busy. In this article we explain Wi-Fi 6 and what its advantages are.

Safety measures for hybrid working

After working from home for months, a lot more people start working from the office again. Yet many organisations opt for hybrid working. Hybrid working means that you work partly at the office and partly at home or at the location of your choice. This gives everyone

How to properly implement MS Teams

MS Teams is still very popular and its usage keeps growing. Some organisations had to start using MS Teams quick as they were not prepared for home working when the COVID pandemic started. Other organisations were already using MS Teams and just had to adjust its usage.

What you need to know about Windows 365

Microsoft’s Cloud PC service Windows 365 is now available. Your organisation is now able to register and take advantage of the remote Windows deployment. The cloud-based Windows service streams the full Windows experience including apps, data and settings, to any device registered with Microsoft Cloud. With Windows

Sign in to your Microsoft account without a password

It is no longer necessary to set a password for your Microsoft accounts. You can now choose to log into your Microsoft account in a different way, for example via facial recognition or using a code generator. This way you can log in to your Microsoft account

Will Microsoft still support Windows 10?

For a long time Microsoft had no intention of ever releasing a successor to Windows 10. However Windows 11 is a fact and will be released at the end of this year. What does this mean for Windows 10 support? Windows 11 brings few changes but does

What are the new features in Windows 11

Microsoft has unveiled the latest version of its operating system called Windows 11. Windows 11 is a fresh experience on your PC, according to Microsoft. In this article we will explain to you the most important new features in Windows 11. When will Windows 11 be released?

Advantages of using a VPN

The COVID-19 infection rates are going down and many people are allowed to go back to work. Yet many employees have embraced working from home. Many companies are now looking at a hybrid work environment, so partly at home and partly at the office. But how can

Migrate from GoDaddy Office 365 to Microsoft 365

GoDaddy is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, domain registrar and hosting company worldwide. GoDaddy has a partnership with Microsoft to offer Office 365 services. At first look this offers a huge advantages for SMBs to sign up and use Office 365. GoDaddy for Office

How to make better reports with Power BI

When trying to build success in your business, it is critical to quickly and efficiently use your business data and intelligence to drive your organisation forward. For excellent data visualisation Microsoft Power BI can help you do exactly that. MS Power BI is a cloud-based platform that

How to set up a secure Power Platform

Pressure is always increasing on IT departments. The influence of technology is increasing within every department, the infrastructure has to perform optimally 24/7 and more and more requests are coming in from the organisation for the development of new applications. Due to this increasing pressure, the digital

How does MS Dataverse work and when to use the system

Microsoft Dataverse, formerly known as Common Data Service (CDS), is a system from Microsoft that allows business data to be stored and structured on the Microsoft Power Platform. This concerns data about business processes, which are collected by linked applications. For example, all Microsoft applications have a

How to use AI Builder for MS Power Platform

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was always something for the future. However AI is here today and ready to use for your business. For example MS Power Platform has a AI builder integrated to push your business forward. AI is more wide spread than you think. We will give

What can Power Virtual Agent do for your business

Most of us know or have used the chatbots that act as the digital customer service on a large number of websites. A chatbot enables you to easily ask a question about the delivery time of a product or when we have a complaint. The chatbots answer

Microsoft Power Platform Explained

If you want to stay ahead of your competitors as a business innovation is essential. Business applications are of great importance here. Applications come in all shapes and sizes. On one end of the spectrum there are large complex systems for managing completely standardised and static processes.

What is Microsoft Power BI

What exactly is Microsoft Power BI? Microsoft Power BI is an ideal Business Intelligence tool to collect business data from various sources. These are then bundled in a report. After that, that report is also visualised in a clear dashboard that you can view on any device.

How to manage large IT infrastructure

When you manage a large IT infrastructure keeping an overview is vital. In such a large IT environment you usually have multiple monitoring servers that collect data from different parts of the infrastructure. This could lead to an overdose of alerts or different monitoring software. The biggest

Join our Team – Multiple Positions Available!

Are you interested in furthering your IT career ? We are currently recruiting for multiple positions within our Award Winning IT Support Team. The roles will involve continuing to provide excellent customer support to our customers across South Wales from our recently refurbished office in Baglan Energy

iOS 15 – 2021 update for iPhone

Apple has unveiled iOS 15. This update is for selected iPhones and adds many new features. We put the most most important iOS 15 improvements at a glace for you. iOS is the operating system that the iPhone runs on. Every year Apple presents a new version,

Increase in cyber attacks boosting security skills IT teams

At Tech-Wales we have often written about the need to increase security awareness. A recent study shows that an increase in cyberattacks such as ransomware during COVID-19 has boosted the security skills of most IT teams. This is despite there is an increasing trend of cyberattacks targeting

5G requires edge computing

5G brings many new possibilities. Thanks to this fast mobile network, we can use digital applications faster and more smoothly with large numbers at the same time. However we take into account data flows that are becoming larger than ever before. Can we rely on guaranteed, reliable

Security tips to safely use your smartphone

Smartphones are an essential part of your business. They are being used on a daily basis not only to communicate but also to view sensitive documents and data whilst on the road. It is important to keep your business data safe and to use your mobile phone

Microsoft is bidding farewell to Internet Explorer

Microsoft Internet Explorer will finally retire next year. The company announced this in a blog post. Internet Explorer will no longer appear on consumer versions of Windows 10 after June 2022. The veteran web browser was released with Windows 95. Microsoft has developed eleven versions of Internet

Microsoft announces Windows 10X has been cancelled

Microsoft will not continue with the development of the so-called Windows 10X. Microsoft announced the news this week. The results of the developments will not be lost, but will be available as separate updates to Windows 10. The Windows 10X development was announced in October 2019. The intention

Maintain a balance between data analytics and privacy

Most organisations recognise the need for a data driven business model. The main reasons for this include cost reduction, better substantiation of decision making and more objective decision making. Although data has been collected and interpreted for decades, data analytics has gained momentum over the past fifteen

PowerPoint Live in MS Teams

Various new features have been announced in MS Teams recently including PowerPoint Live in MS Teams. With this new functionality within Microsoft Teams, it is no longer necessary for you as a presenter to work with two screens, you can keep your notes in one screen in

How to improve team collaboration with SharePoint

MS SharePoint is software enabling you to share information. This can be on an intranet, for your own employees or on an extranet for external relations. SharePoint is intended as a framework for information exchange and document management. But how does SharePoint work, how is it intended

Manage iOS and Microsoft devices in your organisation

In the past the IT manager could apply restrictions to devices are using within your organisation. Nowadays employees want and demand the convenience of being able to work with any device they want. At home, at work, on the road. Private and business side-by-side. That sometimes seems

Use Microsoft 365 to help protect your business

Every business has targets. These targets can focus on efficiency, growth or operating results. Security risks could jeopardise your business goals. It is essential to prevent this. There are effective tools that ensure that your company remains both productive and safe. However you might not think of

Difference between proprietary and open source software

Proprietary software is software that has limitations on how you can alter the source code. On side of the spectrum  is open source software which lets you take back control. What exactly is open source software? And what is propriety software? We explain the difference. What is

What is new in the latest Firefox 87 browser update

Firefox 87 was released on the 23rd March 2021. This is the latest four weekly release of Mozilla’s Firefox browser that increases the version number from 86 to 87. Firefox 87 brings several small improvements, such as smart block, and closes leaks. We give you an overview

How to prevent and resolve ransomware attack

Ransomware has existed for decades however this blackmail method has been used increasingly by cyber criminals in recent times. How can you protect yourself against ransomware and what should you do if you fall victim? What is ransomware Ransomware is popular with cyber criminals because a lot

What are the IT trends for 2021

On a business and personal level these are challenging times due to the COVID-19 pandemic. IT however can be the perfect solution to help you function normally and continue to work and interact. What will be the IT trends of 2021 and what can we look forward

Microsoft Ignite 2021 – Announcements for MS Teams

At the beginning of March, Microsoft announced innovations within Microsoft Teams during MS Ignite 2021. Efficiency, collaboration and safety are the focus with these innovations. We will describe the most important new features and details that will be available in Microsoft Teams soon. Add external guests to

When best to use Microsoft Teams, SharePoint or OneDrive

Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive are essential applications especially when your organisation needs to adapt to agile working. In this article we explain what Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive are. We also explain the similarities and differences between these Microsoft applications and when it is best to

Windows 10 spring 2021 update – What is new

The next half year Windows 10 update is coming soon. Microsoft is pursuing its strategy of more subdued six-monthly updates for Windows 10. After last year’s spring and autumn updates were modest in terms of changes, the upcoming spring update is not any different. The so-called 21H1

When to replace your server

Although the use of cloud storage is rising a lot of businesses are still using on premises servers in their business IT infrastructure. This can be part of a hybrid cloud infrastructure to keep some part of the infrastructure in house. As long as a server is

How Microsoft Viva enhances working from home

As we all know a lot of people are working from home currently. But chances are that the number of home workers after the pandemic will remain higher than before. Microsoft has launched a new platform that can enhance working remotely: Microsoft Viva. Microsoft itself calls it

Microsoft Accessibility Features Explained

People with disabilities also use the computer and the internet. It improves their independence and makes them less dependent on others. Microsoft has made the accessibility of its products a main development priority. As a result, there are more and more useful aids in Windows and Office

Cloud security challenges and solutions in 2021

Working in the cloud offers significant benefits to businesses. However working in the cloud also introduces new challenges that are often beyond the scope of conventional cybersecurity. Securing virtual machines and serverless workloads in public, private or hybrid clouds also adds complexity to your business security. How

How to improve MS Teams using apps

MS Teams has become increasingly important in every organisation during the COVID-19 pandemic. MS Teams has changes the way we work and helped many businesses adapt to working from home. Online meetings, video calls and tasking are just some of the features of MS Teams which have

VoIP vs SIP explained and what is the difference

VoIP and SIP are two terms widely used in business telecom. Technical terms can be overwhelming when you are looking new telecom equipment for your business. To help you we will explain the meaning of the terms VoIP and SIP and highlight any differences. What is VoIP

MS Authenticator App can now be used as a password manager

Microsoft Authenticator is an app which enables you to quickly and easily verify your identity for all your online accounts. Authenticator provides what is called multi-factor or two-step verification. MS Authenticator is available for Android and iOS. If you want an extra layer of security to protect

Christmas Opening Hours 2020

  Tech-Wales would like to wish all of our customers old and new a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year! Please find our Christmas opening hours – if you have a problem please contact the helpdesk in the usual way. Telephone: 01639 326001 Email:

Cloud security starts with access management

In a cloud environment so many different identities are active for users, machines and applications that it is hardly manageable. Many of these identities are often unknowingly configured with far more permissions than necessary. This results in unnecessary access to systems. The first step in a zero-trust

More calling functions in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft is always improving the functionality of MS Teams to ensure the software works better and is easier to use. Microsoft has announced some interesting new calling options. We will give you an overview of the most important new functions in MS Teams. New call functions in

What does Brexit mean for GDPR?

We can safely say that 2020 has been a challenging and unprecedented year due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It has been dominating the news on a daily basis. You would almost forget that we are only a month away from Brexit. Negations about a trade deal between

How to set up VPN in Windows 10

You can use Windows 10’s built-in VPN functionality for more secure browsing. In this article, we’ll show you how to configure this option. What is VPN Virtual Private Network (VPN) is a technology to create an encrypted tunnel from your system to use a private network instead

Always use a secure password

It is so important to use a secure password. You can invest a lot of money in online security but if you or your staff are using insecure passwords which are easy to hack, your business will still be at risk to be compromised by cyber criminals.

How to use Google Chrome tab groups

Since a few months Google Chrome has got a new functionality called tab groups. With this functionality you can put tabs in groups as the title suggests. This can be very useful when you are using Chrome a lot for work. To enable tab groups on Chrome

Intel announces 11th generation of Core processors

Intel tonight unveiled the new eleventh generation Core processors for thin and light laptops. The new processors are faster and more energy efficient than their predecessors, but are mainly notable for the stronger GPU with which, according to Intel, gaming on thin laptops is possible. New era

Microsoft ends support for Adobe Flash Player end of 2020

Microsoft will end support for Adobe Flash Player in its own browsers, IE and Edge, at the end of 2020. With an update the Adobe Flash Player plugin should also be removed from Windows operating system. The Flash plugin will no longer receive security updates in Edge

What is new in Windows 10 October 2020 update (20H2)

Windows 10 October 2020 update has been released by Microsoft on 20th October 2020. This update aims to fix bugs and performance, but also includes some bigger changes such as the removal of the System Control Panel. In this blog we highlight the most important changes of

Improve productivity with Power Automate (Formlerly MS Flow)

Nobody likes routine tasks. Unfortunately, they are a necessary part of your day to day tasks to keep your business running. With Microsoft Power Automate (formerly Flow) you can automate all those repetitive tasks, without using any code. This will leave you time to focus on what

New feature Windows 10 – warning of imminent SSD drive failure

Microsoft has added a new useful feature to Windows 10. If the SSD of your laptop or desktop starts to malfunction and is approaching the end of its life, Windows 10 will give you a warning in the future. You should then have enough time to secure

Why use MS Teams

Microsoft Teams is a workspace with integrated chat functionality in Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365). This service makes it possible to collaborate even more efficiently in teams and projects. But why would you use Microsoft Teams and not Yammer, Slack, Skype for Business or Office

Cyber security trends 2020

With the rise of Industry 4.0, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Internet of Things (IoT), new opportunities have arisen for companies in various areas. Consider, for example, the arrival of robots in the manufacturing industry or smart chatbots to improve the customer experience. However, all these opportunities also

Transcription functionality in Microsoft 365

Microsoft Word will soon be able to convert your audio files to text. Microsoft is initially introducing support for English but other languages will follow. MS Word can now transcribe audio files itself. Microsoft is rolling out the feature to all of its Microsoft 365 (formerly Office

Document management with MS SharePoint

You probably have had experience with shared documents which have been shared via email. Before you know it there will be various versions of that document causing loss of data as no one has ownership any more. With a bit of bad luck the document is being

How to safely use MS Teams guest access

If you’ve been using Microsoft Teams and keeping up to date with the news you will know that MS Teams has been growing rapidly recently. A big part of this success is Microsoft’s great attention to detail. It’s not just a chat collaboration and productivity application. Microsoft

Why a data backup is important for your business

When you are running a business you always have to deal with a lot of threats both in the personal, financial and digital. More and more companies are witching from working on paper and are starting to work with a (hybrid) cloud based IT infrastructure. This means

A cloud based IT infrastructure should be standard

The COVID-19 crisis made it painfully clear to many organisations that if the cloud is not integrated in your IT infrastructure having employees work remotely is nearly impossible. This will be a growing problem now that it is very likely that working from home is going to

5G and data control

5G is in the news a lot these dats. We are inundated with positive predictions of how 5G will change the world. However although 5G offers possibilities not everything is positive because with the arrival of 5G the mobile connection in well insulated buildings would become a

Public cloud keeps growing despite Covid-19

In general global IT spending will go down this year as the Covid-19 pandemic has caused a lack of IT investment from businesses. However the market for the public cloud keeps growing. The expectations is that global use of public cloud will grow with more than 6%.

MS Teams new features

MS Teams usage has jumped up by 70% during the last few months. This is due to a lot of people working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. MS Teams has proved to be a very useful tool to work as a team when everyone is working

Cyber Essentials and Cyber Essentials Plus

If you are a regular reader of our blogs you will know that we always tell you about the importance of cyber security. Cyber attacks are still a large danger for any business and this threat should be taken seriously. However many reports show that a lot

Be aware of phishing during corona times

With a lot of people in UK working from home at the moment cyber criminals are ore active than ever. The number of fake emails from management boards, banks, health insurers or agencies has grown considerably in recent months. One click on a link in an email,

Private cloud as a foundation for innovation

Companies that can adapt and change quickly gain in decisiveness. The private cloud plays an important role in creating such flexibility for organisations. In addition to the traditional support of legacy systems, support for agile and DevOps is also increasingly possible thanks to developments in the private

Prevent WhatsApp cyber attacks and fraud

Since the arrival of the corona virus we have been flooded with fraud and cyber attacks targeting mobile devices. WhatsApp is a very popular platform for cyber criminals also to target businesses. In WhatsApp fraud cyber criminals pretend to be an acquaintance via WhatsApp who asks to

Microsoft Office 365 is now Microsoft 365

You probably won’t have noticed it yet but from April 2020 Microsoft Office 365 has had a name change and is now known as Microsoft 365. Microsoft’s aim is to also offer the 365 subscriptions to consumers and families. This means that business packages and consumer packages

Use 5G in combination with fast broadband

At the time of writing (June 2020) 5G is currently being rolled out in the UK. It is not yet available everywhere but coverage will get better and better. The question arises whether 5G will replace business broadband in the future. The new standard for mobile communications

Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) Update

Update 15th June Inline with government recommendations the majority of our staff are continuing to operate remotely from the office and all services are still operational. Site visits are available on a limited basis and all visits will be carried out in accordance with strict social distancing

Stop paying hidden costs for business software

Many organisations make the same mistake when calculating the costs for software as many people do when calculating the costs for a car. Businesses primarily look at the purchase price and fuel costs however things like road tax, insurance, maintenance and depreciation are often not being included.

Working from home the new standard after Covid-19?

Many organisations and businesses now have a homework policy due to the Corona pandemic. In some cases businesses had to set up a new structure in a short timescale due to their employees having to work from home. But what will happen when Covid-19 is finally behind

Microsoft improves app development for Windows 10

Microsoft improves app development for Windows 10 Microsoft is going to streamline its application development tools for Windows 10. The existing development tools Win32 and Universal Windows Platform (UWP) will soon be merged under the name Project Reunion. Ultimately this should deliver universal applications that run independently

Microsoft is bringing Fluid Framework to Microsoft 365

Microsoft is adding its Fluid Framework document collaboration platform to online Microsoft 365 apps such as Outlook and Microsoft Office. The platform is now also open-source which should bring much more development opportunities. Microsoft has developed the Fluid Framework platform to allow employees to collaborate better in

Businesses do not use cloud computing to its full potential

Not all companies make the most of the possibilities that cloud computing offers and fail to use its full potential. This is the result from research by Dell and Intel which was conducted among 1,250 IT decision-makers from both public and private organisations. Only five percent of

Cyber security risks during the corona pandemic

Covid-19 has thoroughly shaken both our private lives and our professional activities and will probably continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Our government have taken strict measures and the majority of the working population has been working from home for weeks. This is a huge

How to use your iPhone without an Apple ID

Nowadays you have to create an account for just about everything you want to do online or any appliances you are using. You cannot escape it for example you already have to create an account to use your smart TV. However sometimes you don’t plan to work

What is new in Windows 10 – May 2020 update

The May 2020 update of Windows 10 is almost ready for release. Another name for this Windows 10 update is 20H1. Microsoft have not given a release date yet but the finished Windows 10 update will very likely be available the beginning of May 2020. We advice

Best browsers to use in 2020

Is the fastest browser also the best browser? Not always. Tech-Wales explains the difference between the 6 most popular browsers of 2020. We all use browsers on a daily basis and everyone has their own preference. Many organisations use Google Chrome but Firefox and Opera are also

How to prepare for a digital attack

When you fall victim of a cyber attack it shouldn’t be a disaster if you can respond quickly and appropriately. It is all about about setting up security teams that can act in a structured and effective manner. It is always better to prevent a cyber attack

How to recover lost MS Word documents

You may be familiar with this situation. You have worked for hours on a MS Word document but you accidentally forget to save it when you were closing your computer down. Or worse MS Word crashed and your document seems lost forever. All this time and effort

Office 365 Updates in 2020

Microsoft Office 365 is a very powerful package to support your business and your staff. We all know the well known packages like Word and Excel but Office 365 has developed into a very powerful package which can take care of the daily administration and communication of

Successful Remote & Flexible Team Working

The outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic is having an impact on every aspect of our life. As we have all seen in the news recently precautions have to be taken and human interaction needs to be limited where possible to prevent the spread of the virus. Remote

How to save printer ink and paper

Printers are still an important part of your office hardware. Although the trend these days is to go paperless there are still lots of reasons to keep a printer in your office. This can be for legal reasons or to easy edit and modify a draft document.

Business telecom products and meeting room devices

Organisations are working more flexible these days. This means that employees are working time and location independent. This has major advantages. With flexible working your business can organise time and locations which is most convenient for you and your members of staff. Less issues taking the children

Cyber Security Strategy for 2020

Cyber security is a constantly developing trend. Even though providers will provide additional security with every update the cyber criminals are not far behind. Cyber criminals are getting more clever every day and you will need to be aware of the latest developments in cyber security. Cyber

How long will data storage media last?

If you want to store your data for a longer period of time it is important to ensure that it remains accessible and stored secure. But what do you choose for data storage as a storage medium? One of the most important points of good data archive

Impact of Brexit on Tech Sector

On 31st of January 2020 the United Kingdom has officially left the European Union. However there are still a lot of uncertainties when it comes to future relationships with the European Union. What will Brexit mean for the tech sector based on current facts? What will the

What is a password manager and should you use it?

An important aspect of cyber security is that you use unique and different passwords for every online account. Unique passwords combined with two factor authorisation gives you an excellent protection against cyber criminals. However it is very difficult to remember a different password for every social media

Tech-Wales announces apprenticeship vacancies

Ahead of National Apprenticeship Week 2020 (3rd to 9th February 2020), Tech-Wales are pleased to announce that we have today launched our search for two candidates to fill new apprentice vacancies within our team. The roles are based at our headquarters in Baglan Energy Park, Port Talbot.

Difference between active and passive cloud management

When it comes to cloud management there are two types of tooling that you can use to monitor the performance of your cloud environment: active and passive tools. What are the differences between active and passive cloud management and and what are the market trends? Passive cloud

Windows 7 End of Support – What you need to know

Microsoft has discontinued support for Windows 7 from 14th January 2020. But what are the dangers if you continue to use Windows 7? And what are the consequences for organisations that sometimes still use Windows 7 on a large scale? Windows 7 was launched in 2009 replacing

What is 6G – Introduction to 6G Technology

Everyone is curious about the next generation of mobile technology. This month 6G made headlines in the press because China is already working on it. The implication is that Europe and the US are possibly falling behind. However the big picture is not just about ‘6G’ but about

Landline phone still essential for business

Whether you work at home, in the office or on the road with the current IT facilities you can always do your job regardless of your location. By integrating your mobile phone with your landline business phone you can also be reached anywhere, anytime. However is it

New Windows 10 Features

The latest new version of Windows 10 is expected around April 2020. This spring edition now is the annual update containing all the major innovations and new features. The development of the next version of Windows 10 is still being developed. IT people and other users can

Cloud Security Guidelines

Conventional in-house IT systems were experiencing different security risks than cloud computing networks. It is important to know how to keep your valuable data safe and what you can do to prevent attacks and data loss. Cloud security is essential within modern IT structures. Any business will

Microsoft SharePoint Explained

Microsoft SharePoint is a content management system and web application platform that works in your browser and gives organisations the functionality to create a framework for an online intranet network or a website. SharePoint was developed by Microsoft and is a safe environment in which you can

New features Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams is a cloud based collaboration work space which is part of MS Office 365. With MS Teams you and your employees can use MS Teams for business messaging, calling, video meetings and file sharing. Microsoft Teams was launched in March 2017. MS Teams has since

Office 365 users targeted by fake voicemail messages

Internet attackers keep on finding more ways to attack businesses and organisations. The latest trend is to target Office 365 users with fake voicemail messages. Attackers will send a message to users pretending to be from Microsoft about a missed voicemail. This way the attackers will try

Best browser alternatives for Google Chrome

Google Chrome is by far the most popular browser. Google Chrome has got a lot of positive features and is easy to use. However Google Chrome is very much depending on using your Google account. Some users do not like this and will be looking for alternatives.

Microsoft Azure Cloud Explained

More and more organisations are choosing for a business IT structure in the cloud or partly in the cloud. This changes the way people connect within an organisation. What cloud computing solution to choose when the decision is made to migrate to the cloud. It would be

Printer Security – Secure Your Business Printer

Everyone these days is aware that a business computer network needs to be protected against hackers. Printers however as a part of the business computer network are often neglected when it comes to security. Although printers come with extensive security features most of them are unsecured due

Microsoft Office 365 Updates in September 2019

As every month Microsoft has added various updates to the Office 365 package. Of course there are the all important technical and security updates to keep Officer 365 running secure and without technical issues. Included for September 2019 are updates to To Do, OneNote, MS Forms and

Cloud Security in your organisation

The cloud is now part of the standard business IT structure. It is very important to adapt your organisation security to this structure and that management of your organisation will implement the correct IT security structure.  When it comes to cloud security in general management can be

Separate IT networks are not a security solution

The philosophy of using two IT systems is that users are less exposed to malware via personal e-mail, social media or other software or applications. The idea is that one network is for personal use and another network for business. However targeted attacks are a much bigger

What programs are secretly running on your computer?

Programs that run unnecessarily or even unwanted on your laptop or PC use valuable speed and working memory space. Especially if your PC gets a bit older it is useful to limit these unwanted programs running in the background. The simplest method to see what’s running is

Trends which decide the future of the cloud

For many organisations working in the cloud has now become a standard feature. Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft, Google and IBM are no longer the companies at the top of the IT managers wish list. A complete armada of specialised service providers is now ready to take on

Important difference between back-up and archive

We all know that it is important to keep your valuable data and documents safe. However what is it called? The terms back-up and archive are being used as the same. However they are not. There are some significant differences. Back-up A backup is a copy of

Cloud and Data Security

The cloud has many faces and each need different approaches to ensure that your data remains safe. Many organisations nowadays have a cloud first strategy which is very sensible given the current developments in the market. However it is important to keep an eye on data security.

Warning signs of a bad Business IT structure

A good IT infrastructure is a very important backbone of your business. However often there are issues which let your IT structure down. There are however warning signs to look out for that your business IT structure is not as good as it should be. Obviously a

Secure your web browser

Every desktop computer or laptop will have one or more web browsers installed enabling your staff to browse the internet. However the web surfing behavior of your employees can be a potential security risk to your business. There are lots of malicious websites which can cause your

Protect your Office 365 account and devices

Internet and IT security are very important to keep your valuable data and documents safe. It is therefore even more important that you and your staff are working safe to protect your business against hackers or malware. Tech-Wales will give you some guidelines for you and your

Microsoft Office 365 Updates in July 2019

Microsoft has announced various updates to the latest version of Microsoft Office 365 in July 2019. Included are updates to MS To-Do, Microsoft Teams and MS Outlook. We will take you through some of the most interesting updates for these MS packages. It is important to keep

Microsoft Teams – Group Chat Service

Microsoft Teams is a new chat service from Microsoft which is integrated with Office 365. MS Teams enables you and your teams to collaborate online in an easy and efficient manner. MS Teams will be enable you to communicate with your team(s) from different locations using laptops,

What is Microsoft Kaizala?

Microsoft Kaizala is an Office 365 app from Microsoft and it is an instant messenger like WhatsApp but more aimed towards the business market. In this article we will explain to you what MS Kaizala is, what functionality comes with the app and what it can add

Tips to Secure your WiFi Network

WiFi has made it so easy to use fast internet on any sort of device. No wires needed and still access to an internet connection anywhere in the premises. However this ease of access will increase the risk of someone hacking into your WiFi connection. Obviously all

Possible Pitfalls when Switching to Multi-cloud

It is popular there days to switch to a multi-cloud solutions and there are good reasons for that. But switching to the multi-cloud can have pitfalls you need to be aware of. At Tech-Wales we have the knowledge and expertise to transfer your business IT structure to

A Guide to Business Broadband Speed

The speed of your internet connection is very important these days. When your internet connection for your business is too slow or unreliable it can literally grind your business to a halt. Internet is unmissable these days in any organisation with a large part of IT structures

Myths and misconceptions about SSL

SSL is a well-known protocol for  data encryption when browsing the internet. The abbreviation SSL stands for Secure Sockets Layer. SSL is a secure layer between a server and an internet browser. However this security can create a misplaced sense of security. Nowadays we already use the

Customer Focus Award Winner 2019

We are very proud and excited to have won the Customer Focus Award award at the Zokit Spring Conference 2019 event on 16th May 2019 at Cardiff City Stadium. Mike and Adrian attended the Zokit Spring Conference 2019 and had a great day with lots of knowledge

What is USB 4?

The USB 4 standard will be official at the end of this year, bringing higher transfer speeds, better power delivery and an improved data flow management over its predecessors. The specifications for USB 4 will deliver a lot of improvements. The new version is based on the

What is 5G?

In this article we will explain to you everything worth knowing about 5G the fast mobile network of the future. 5G is the successor of 4G networks and promises to deliver faster internet on your mobile phone. This new mobile technology will be exciting and is beneficial

Office 365 explained & Training Tips

Microsoft Office 365 especially for business customers is a very different software package than the stand alone MS Office package that we have known for years. Previously the MS Office package was only known as a stand alone version since the last century when it was first

Charging iPhone wireless & battery life

Telecom technique and in particular mobile phone technology is improving and developing at an amazing pace. This is an excellent development as a consumer and also for your business. One of these developments is that it is now possible charging your iPhone wireless. However what are the

What is Microsoft Windows Lite – Everything You Need to Know

Chromebooks are becoming increasingly popular and Microsoft wants to take advantage of this by making the Windows operating system lighter. However, The lighter version of Windows 10, called 10S and later called S Mode, did not appeal to the general public. Microsoft is making another attempt to

Myths About the Cloud

Even in 2019 there are still myths about cloud computing that stand in the way of the development of companies and organisations. These myths can hinder the IT development of any business. Does your organisation make optimal use of the cloud? If not there these are the

Top Cyber Security Trends 2019

Cyber security should always be high on your priority list. You need to keep your valuable data and documents safe from any attacks. Prevention is better than cure so be sure your computer systems are secure. Hackers are always trying to find new ways to attack computer

How to rescue a wet laptop

Most end laptop users all know the issue of a glass or cup being knocked over and covering the laptop in coffee or drink. What to do to rescue your expensive laptop. Tech-Wales gives you some tips to rescue your laptop and prevent the loss of work

What is VoIP telecom?

VoIP stands for Voice over Internet Protocol. In plain English it means that you will make business calls using a computer network and the internet. VoIP does not use an analogue or digital phone line. Unlike traditional phone solutions VoIP will enable your business to send digital

Differences between SSD, HDD and SSHD

We all have to buy a new PC or laptop now and then. You always need to ask yourself the question what sort of storage is suited for you. Not so long ago the only question you had to ask yourself what size of hard drive and

Cloud storage is safer than local storage

Many people still think that storing your files and data in the cloud is less safe than using your own servers. However this is not the case. Storing your files in the cloud these days is very safe and even safer than using your own servers. Nowadays about

What does cyber resilience mean

Most companies and organisations have IT security in place and have their valuable documents and software well protected. But what if even after all the measures your business has taken you still fall victim to a cyber attack? How do you ensure that your business can still

How to deal with shadow IT

Shadow IT can be the cause of security risks and cause serious risks to compliance and work flow. Companies are always trying to find ways to discover shadow IT within their business IT structure. However instead of being afraid of shadow IT you could also look at

Legal issues of open source and the cloud

Open source software is being used more and more in business IT. However open source software can create legal problems when migrating your business IT system to the cloud. Open source solutions are increasingly used by companies in their business IT systems especially when migrating to the

Google products on Android – Can we use alternatives?

Just in case you missed it Google was fined a record fine of 4.34 billion euro by the European Commission recently. According to the commission Google is pushing competitor products out of the market by demanding Google Chrome and Google Search to be added as standard to

MS PowerApps and MS Flow integrated with Office 365

We all know what an app is. Just have a quick look at your phone and there are lots of apps on your phone from playing games to newspaper apps. However you can also have an app tailor made for your business. The right tools to do

Heading to the clouds for a special 50th Birthday

Tech-Wales Ltd, a leading south wales based IT Support and Telecoms company, are proud to sponsor this years production of Chitty Chitty Bang Bang which is being performed in Swansea’s Grand Theatre between the 24th and 27th October 2018. Tech-Wales Director, Adrian Williams, with the cast from

Customer Relationship Management with Office 365 SharePoint

It is important to keep a good relationship with your client. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is about managing your business relationship and interaction with your clients and customers but also potential customers. A CRM system is a corporate system that will help your company and staff to connect

Two Factor Authentication for Office 365

Two Factor Authentication is getting more and more used especially after recent hacking scandals in the media recently. To protect yourself from from hackers this is one of the best ways to protect your business and personal e-mails. Two Factor Authentication does not only protect your e-mails but

Stay cool in the heat this summer

We are enjoying one of the best summers in the UK for a long time. Beaches are crowded whenever the sun is out and everyone seems to be enjoying the weather and the sunshine. However if you have to work the heat can also make you tired

Preparing for Brexit

The technology sector must recognise and seize its opportunities. Although IT companies may be concerned about the challenges that Brexit poses those who prepare themselves can use the opportunities to their benefits. Many people and organisations are worried about Brexit. Brexit will be a storm causing changes in

Learning from mistakes from IT Projects

IT projects do not always lead to the results and goals which were set at the start of the project. Not getting the required result from an IT project indicate that there are lessons to be learnt from these failed IT projects. However this does not always

Unique challenges of the multi cloud

The multicloud is growing in popularity. But the use of multiple cloud platforms yields its own unique challenges. Cloud computing was originally intended to simplify IT through standardization, consolidation and centralisation. However current companies are moving into a more fragmented IT landscape in which an on-premise IT

Microsoft focusing on the business market

Microsoft is increasingly focusing on the business market. Even technologies that were primarily intended for the consumer market now seem to be developed for the business market. Like other tech companies Microsoft understands that profit margins are higher in the business market and companies are prepared to

Android Security Apps and Tools (part 5)

Internet security is not only important on your laptop or desktop PC but also on your mobile devices like mobile phones or tablets. All our tablets and mobile phones contain so much personal information these days that it is vital you make sure your data is protected

Android Security Apps and Tools (part 4)

Internet security is not only important on your laptop or desktop PC but also on your mobile devices like mobile phones or tablets. All our tablets and mobile phones contain so much personal information these days that it is vital you make sure your data is protected

Android Security Apps and Tools (part 3)

Internet security is not only important on your laptop or desktop PC but also on your mobile devices like mobile phones or tablets. All our tablets and mobile phones contain so much personal information these days that it is vital you make sure your data is protected

Android Security Apps and Tools (part 2)

Internet security is not only important on your laptop or desktop PC but also on your mobile devices like mobile phones or tablets. All our tablets and mobile phones contain so much personal information these days that it is vital you make sure your data is protected

Android Security Apps and Tools (part 1)

Internet security is not only important on your laptop or desktop PC but also on your mobile devices like mobile phones or tablets. All our tablets and mobile phones contain so much personal information these days that it is vital you make sure your data is protected

Move your business private cloud to public cloud

Companies are increasingly giving up on private cloud and are making greater use of services such as Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Compute. This also applies to hybrid cloud systems. Why do companies do this and when is a private cloud still suitable? Yahoo which

Guide to Facebook privacy settings

Facebook is still in the news in relation to possible data breaches with Mark Zuckerberg meeting the EU parliament this week. Facebook is promising to make changes and to be fair they are making changes however it does not hurt to be aware how to keep your

Microsoft Office Message Encryption & GDPR

In order to comply with the new GDPR regulations then organisations need to look at how they will secure information that is sent externally via email. One solution is to use an Add-In for the outlook software so that when a user sends a sensitive email then

GDPR Compliance and Dark Data

With GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) taking effect this month, companies must have a clear insight into the data they have stored. Dark data can be a problem complying with the GDPR regulations however it also offers opportunities. Dark data also called unstructured data and its volume

Computer repair Business

There will be various computers and laptops on your business premises. But how do you know when your computer needs repair or even replacement? Tech-Wales gives you a couple of hints that something is wrong with your business computer or laptop. Your business computer is running slow

Microsoft Office 365 Advantages

You have probably heard about Microsoft Office 365. But is Microsoft Office 365 the solution for your business? It probably is. Microsoft Office 365 can make your employees work together in a more efficient way. Below we give you the most important advantages of Microsoft Office 365. Microsoft Office 365

Apple or Microsoft – Which is best for business

IT is important for your business. In the current business environment IT forms the largest part of any business no matter what your core business is. For a smooth day to day running of your business a well performing IT infrastructure is vital. It is just as

Business Computer Hardware

Even though a lot of companies and organisations work in the cloud nowadays business computer hardware is still and will always be a very important part of your business IT structure. There is a wide variety of business computer hardware to choose from nowadays. Not only the business computer

How to prevent Shadow-IT and Shadow Data

The term shadow-it is often used. But what is it? Shadow-IT is the term used for all IT, both software and hardware, that is not known to the IT department of an organisation. Shadow-IT is all IT which has not been approved by the IT department. For

Hybrid Cloud Computing Services

Hybrid cloud computing is a mixture of cloud services combined together with traditional local servers. It normally uses a mix of on-site, private cloud and public cloud services together to create one IT infrastructure for an organisation. Applications are no longer required to be run on local

How to download your Facebook data

Facebook has been in the news recently regarding the use of personal data without permission by Cambridge Analytica during the 2016 U.S. presidential campaign. If you have a Facebook account and / or business page you want to know what of your personal data Facebook is storing.

Microsoft Azure – Affordable IT Infrastructure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing service for companies, organisations and individuals. It is not just a cloud service to store data and files but it can provide a whole IT infrastructure in the cloud for your organisation. In this article we will explain the advantages of

What does GDPR mean to my business

GDPR will have a big impact on business and organisations in the UK. But what does GDPR actually means to your business and what is it? Tech-Wales will give you a quick overview and guide to what the new regulation means and what it will mean for

Why public cloud is better than internal cloud

The costs of running your own cloud do not weigh up against the advantages of public cloud. In 2018 many more businesses will realise the enormous costs which come with managing their IT structure but also costs of availability, or the lack of it, security and performance.

Top Software Failures in Recent History

Computer technology has seem some great advances over the years and it seems like every year computers seem to get faster and better. However these advances do not always mean there will be less failures. There have been some high profile software failures in recent history. From

Great Business IT Support regardless of the snow

If the forecasts are right for Thursday and Friday then much of the UK will start to slow down due large snow falls caused by “Storm Emma” hitting the cold air from the “Beast From The East”. Government agencies are already warning against all but essential travel

Five tips to make Windows 10 faster

Do you want Microsoft Windows 10 to perform faster? Tech-Wales gives you a couple of tips in this blog to make your Windows 10 run faster. It will only take a short time to execute these tips and your system will be faster and perform much better.

Datto Backup and Disaster Recovery

Your business IT system and data stored on this network is facing threats on a daily basis. These threats include fire, hacker attacks, hardware corruption and failure, viruses, ransomware and other malicious activity but also accidental deletions. Should you fall victim to any of these threats it

Advantages of Cloud Computing for Business

One of the characteristics of cloud computing is that you are using software but from a distance. You will use a connection, like the internet, for the transport of information and to use the software. This enables you and your staff to use that software or access

Tips for personal backup

Tech-Wales shares a few tips how to keep your personal data and files safe. One would think that all of your financial and personal files are safely stored on your laptop. But are your important personal files very safe on your laptop? It will only take one

Working together with Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office is a great software package for you and your business to work together without being in the same location. However online working can create the feeling of distance. Distance from colleagues, distance from the office and distance from the organisation. This distance can create a

Five major IT security risks for your business (part 5)

Internet security and cyber security are one of the biggest threats to your business these days. There are a lot of things you can do to protect yourself from these threats however if you are looking for professional advice please check out our cyber security services and

Five major IT security risks for your business (part 4)

Internet security and cyber security are one of the biggest threats to your business these days. There are a lot of things you can do to protect yourself from these threats however if you are looking for professional advice please check out our cyber security services and

Five major IT security risks for your business (part 3)

IT and internet security should be a high priority for your business. We pride ourselves in taking into account all aspects of IT security when it comes to our cyber security services and online protection services. However IT security is not only a very technical issue which

Five major IT security risks for your business (part 2)

IT security is a hot item in the news recently. It is important that you protect all your valuable data and documents from hackers. At Tech-Wales we provide security cyber security services and online protection services to protect your computers from malicious attackers. However you and your staff

Five major IT security risks for your business (part 1)

IT and internet security should be a high priority for your business. We pride ourselves in taking into account all aspects of security when it comes to our cyber security services and online protection services. However IT security is not only a very technical issue which you

The effect of Brexit on IT Services

We all know Brexit is going to happen and will have an impact on our business and social life. When you are trading with the EU these are insecure times. However will Brexit have an impact on IT consultancy services? A lot of computers and related equipment

Changes To SharePoint Online Public Website

Microsoft have announced that customers who are currently utilising the SharePoint Online Public Website as part of their Office 365subscription, will need to plan to move their website to a third-party solution. There’s no need to panic just yet, as you have two years before this takes effect for existing customers. However, we know as small businesses, things can

Support is ending for Windows Server 2003! See what this means to your business!

As we are both a Microsoft and Fujitsu partner, we receive regular updates on the latest software so we can advise SMEs on what they should be focussing on immediately, as well as what steps to take in the future. We recently received this newsletter from Fujitsu and it is

Tuesdays #TechWalesTip #4

With the majority of the Tech-Wales team being ‘techies’, we sometimes forget that the quick links and key shortcuts we use everyday are unknown to you! Some you may have come across, but others could hugely increase your day to day productivity! We’ll be posting one of

Tuesdays #TechWalesTip #3

With the majority of the Tech-Wales team being ‘techies’, we sometimes forget that the quick links and key shortcuts we use everyday are unknown to you! Some you may have come across, but others could hugely increase your day to day productivity! We’ll be posting one of

Tuesday’s #TechWalesTip #2

With the majority of the Tech-Wales team being ‘techies’, we sometimes forget that the quick links and key shortcuts we use everyday are unknown to you! Some you may have come across, but others could hugely increase your day to day productivity! We’ll be posting one of

Tuesday’s #TechWalesTip #1

With the majority of the Tech-Wales team being ‘techies’, we sometimes forget that the quick links and key shortcuts we use everyday are unknown to you! Some you may have come across, but others could hugely increase your day to day productivity! We’ll be posting one of

It’s #FridayFun time! Check out the Iphone 6 Parody Commercial by IKEA “BookBook ™” !

We see enough of these commercials, showing off the latest technology specs every time there’s a new release! Here’s one that’s a little different. or similar whichever way you want to look at it…

It’s that time of the week again! Woohoo! Here’s a little #FridayFun with iPhone vs WindowsPhone!

We love these ads! Here’s the new HTC One M8 (windows phone) showing up Siri (iPhone)!

It’s time for some #FridayFun ! My Blackberry Is Not Working! – The One Ronnie, Preview – BBC One

It might be an old one, but I came across this last night and it’s still just as funny, even if you’ve seen it before! If you’re lacking that #FridayFeeling this should help!

5 Tips On Internet Safety!

It’s quite likely that if you’ve been hearing reports from the news that there is a cybersecurity pandemic currently happening, meaning that all your PC’s are going to be menaced by all sorts of nasty bugs and viruses that will turn your PC into a lump of

Google Apps for Business vs Office 365

Save time! Office 365 has a familiar user interface. It has decades of Microsoft development behind it, with feature refinements based on usability testing and user feedback. Google Apps is a collection of features born just a few years ago! Don’t be restricted! Use Office 365 across

Struggling with data storage? Get a Terabyte with OneDrive! Wait, what is a Terabyte?

For People in business, data storage becomes an expensive necessity. Whatever industry you work in, today’s business is more mobile and people need access to their important documents on the move, wherever they are! With 1 Terabyte of online storage now available with Microsoft OneDrive for business

Give your employees the flexibility to work wherever they need to be!

As the division between our personal and business lives blurs, more people are working from home, the office, and on the road–and using a growing assortment of mobile devices to do this work. This flexibility can create great business benefits by fostering happier, more productive employees. But

Heartbleed Security Issue – Some Practical Advice

A new security issue dubbed Heartbleed was disclosed on Monday night which has implications to users of the web. The bug allows a webservers’ memory to be accessed including private data such as username, passwords and credit card details. Whilst this is a serious issue it should be

Meet Windows 8.1 – It’s (Much) Easier Than You Think!

Starting April 8, 2014, Microsoft will end support for customers using Windows XP. With this date mere days away, many businesses still lack a transition plan. A major reason for this delay in many cases is unfamiliarity with the new operating system – you’re already familiar with

Helping you say goodbye to XP and usher in a new era of technology

Microsoft is ending its support for Windows XP on April 8, 2014. With this deadline looming, it’s important to plan the migration of your business to Windows 8.1 (if you haven’t done so already), so you can enjoy all the benefits of a modern platform to help

UPGRADE NOW To Avoid Threats To Your Small Business!

In April this year, Microsoft will stop supporting Windows XP; meaning security updates, and software patches will no longer be administered by Microsoft from April 8 2014. Out of date security is a serious risk to your business and your customers’ privacy. Other companies are likely to

Cloud technology can benefit your business #RBNLlanelli #WelshBizShow

Our Managing Director, Adrian Williams will be helping businesses save money and improve productivity in two upcoming events; The RBN Llanelli, where Adrian will be the main speaker on the night and The Welsh Business Show Swansea where we will be exhibiting as well as presenting a

Tech-Wales awarded for top quality IT business solutions and support!

If you are looking for a professional IT company for IT solutions and support, then look no further! Following our previous CompTIA’s IT Business Trustmark accreditation, we have now further developed our business procedures and business acumen to achieve the CompTIA Accredit UK Trustmark+  accreditation. “We are

5 Top Tips To Be Productive With Your Mobile Working

Mobile working is a must in today’s business world but it can be difficult to remain productive and stay in the loop when you’re not in the office, often leading to frustration and a lot of loose ends to tie up when you get back. There are