What is Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune makes it possible to manage all of an organisation’s devices via a cloud service. It is possible to configure specific policies to manage applications. We explain in this blog what Microsoft Intune is and how it works.

What is Microsoft Intune

Microsoft Intune is a cloud service that makes it possible to manage all devices from a central environment. Intune makes it possible to create specific policies for devices and the data they contain. Access to company data can be denied on personal devices, so that no company data ends up on the street if personal devices are lost or stolen. With personal devices, corporate data is isolated from personal data. With Microsoft Intune you can do the following:

  • Work 100% from the cloud.
  • Set policies for personal and organisation-owned devices.
  • Deploy and authenticate apps to devices.
  • Protect company data by setting rules for accessing and sharing data.
  • Make devices and apps meet security requirements.

Device management with MS Intune

MS Intune lets you manage devices using a method that works best for your organisation. For organisation-owned devices, you may want complete control. Consider the update policy, security settings and various functions that are accessible. This method enrolls devices and users in Intune.

For personal devices, users may not want complete control from the organisation. It is possible to still give these devices access to company data. Users can enroll their devices, after which a number of security measures can be applied. Then consider MFA (Multi-Factor Authentication) to gain access to these apps and data.

Manage mobile devices with MDM (Mobile Device Management)

MDM makes it possible to completely manage a device. When a device is under mobile device management, it can be remotely wiped and reset to factory settings. It is also possible to erase the data from this device. These functionalities are useful for device management of corporate equipment. For personal devices, MAM can be a solution.

Manage apps with MAM (Mobile Application Management)

MAM makes it possible to manage business data on personal devices. It is possible to apply different policies to protect business data on these devices. Consider preventing the copying of business data to personal apps. All business data from the Office apps can be remotely deleted from personal devices, ensuring complete control over how business data is handled.

What is Microsoft Intune

Why choose Microsoft Intune?

Microsoft Intune makes it possible to protect all devices within an organisation. Unfortunately, it sometimes happens that devices disappear or get lost. If there is sensitive data on it, you as an organisation naturally want to do something about it. With Intune you make it possible to block devices remotely. Data can also be deleted directly from the device, preventing malicious parties from capturing data. It therefore becomes possible to protect business data with Microsoft Intune.

What is the advantage of Microsoft Intune?

Now that we increasingly work from different locations, managing devices also becomes more difficult. MS Intune ensures that an IT manager has a view of all devices at once. This provides insights into which rights are available per user. It also helps to make adjustments to company policy remotely. When certain data is no longer allowed to be shared, Microsoft Intune can immediately make these adjustments to a larger group. This means that not every device needs to be provisioned independently with the latest policies. This can save a lot of time for an IT manager.

Complete integration with Azure AD

MS Intune and Azure AD work closely together, which makes it possible to apply different scenarios for device management. It is possible to require mobile devices to meet organizational standards determined from Intune. If devices do not meet organisational standards, access to, for example, business email or SharePoint can be denied. The policy can be set globally, but can also be adjusted per device.

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