Microsoft Purview Explained

In this blog we will explain what Microsoft Purview can do for your business. MS Purview is Microsoft’s answer to data management (Data Governance) and data flows (Data Lineage) and helps you manage data in local databases, multi-cloud data sources and various SaaS applications. MS Purview helps automatically identify and classify sensitive data and provides insight into how the data is used. This creates a visual image from source, to all intermediate loading steps and operations, up to the Power BI report. This lineage is a very strong addition and an answer to the growing demand for Data Governance and Data Lineage.

Microsoft Purview Data Map

Microsoft Purview Data Map provides the foundation for data discovery and for managing that data effectively. Purview Data Map is a cloud service (Platform as a Service) that captures metadata information about all your business data present in on-premises and cloud analytics and control systems. Purview Data Map automatically keeps this metadata up to date through a built-in and automated scanning and classification system. Purview also integrates with Microsoft Information Protection and Power BI sensitivity, certification and promotional labels.

Microsoft Purview Explained

Microsoft Purview three main components

Data discovery

Helps you manage and map data. This data is then automatically classified based on various predefined characteristics and sensitivity (sensitive data).

Data Catalog

It allows all users to search for trusted data using both technical and business terms with simple search functionality. Visual displays are also available to help you quickly see whether the data you are looking for comes from a reliable source.

Data management

Gives you an overview of your company’s data landscape. Data administrators can use this to efficiently manage the use of data. This provides important insights such as the distribution of data across multiple environments, how data is moved, and where sensitive data is stored.

Data Lineage

Keeping a grip on data is becoming increasingly important. Who is this data shared with? Where does this data come from? are frequently asked questions.

This can be accomplished in Microsoft Purview with the built-in Data-lineage functionality. A nice new functionality that has been missing within Azure Services until now.

With Data Lineage we can track the data from source to report at table and even column level.

Purview Studio

With the arrival of Microsoft Purview, Microsoft has also launched a new studio in which the Purview DataCatalog and the Purview Insights come together for optimal user convenience.

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