Microsoft ends support for Adobe Flash Player end of 2020

Microsoft will end support for Adobe Flash Player in its own browsers, IE and Edge, at the end of 2020. With an update the Adobe Flash Player plugin should also be removed from Windows operating system.

The Flash plugin will no longer receive security updates in Edge and Internet Explorer 11 in 2021. Flash Player was a standard built into these browsers. Microsoft has announced that the plugin will be removed from Edge in January 2021. At the same time versions of the plugin from before June 2020 will also be blocked on Edge and IE11.

Before the end of this year you will be able to download an optional update that removes Adobe Flash from your Windows system. In the summer of 2021 there will be a mandatory update for Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows Server 2012 and Windows Embedded 8 to remove Flash.

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Microsoft ends support for Adobe Flash Player end of 2020

Adobe Flash Player for Business

The Adobe Flash plugin will be available for businesses. If your business needs the plugin for business applications, you will still be able to load it into Edge and IE11 for a longer period. The Flash Player will be considered a third party plug-in and Microsoft will no longer be responsible for supporting it.

Adobe Flash Player has been in decline for years. Adobe itself announced three years ago that it would stop supporting the plugin earlier this year. Companies like Google, Mozilla and Apple will be following. The plugin, which was particularly popular in the early 2000s for creating animations and games for browsers, is also known as a particularly vulnerable piece of software that can be exploited by various bugs to install malware and other possibly harmful software computers. Online security is important to keep your valuable data on documents safe. The decision to discontinue support for Adobe Flash will make Windows a safer operating system.

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