How to make the perfect screenshot on your laptop, Mac or mobile

Screenshots are a useful tool for business and personal users. This way you can quickly show what exactly the issue is on the screen. This can be an error message or another issue which needs to be resolved. Often you are being asked to send a screenshot, because it makes it much easier to identify the problem. A screenshot is often much clearer than explaining the issue. A screenshot is basically an image of what is on your screen.

Since not everyone knows how to take a screenshot or how to make a good screenshot, Tech-Wales offers you a quick guide how to make a screenshot on your laptop, Mac or mobile.

Take a screenshot on PC or laptop (Windows)

  1. Make sure that what you want to show is visible on the screen.
  2. Press the ‘Print Screen’ button on your computer’s keyboard. Sometimes this button is called PrtScn or Print Scrn. Sometimes the same button also says SysRQ (which is often the case with laptops).
  3. It now seems as if nothing happened at all, but don’t worry, that is correct. An image of the screen has now been copied to the Windows clipboard.
  4. Then open the Paint application, which is standard in every Windows version. You can find this program via Start > Accessories > Paint or type paint in the search option on the taskbar.
  5. With Ctrl+V you can paste your print screen in Paint and then edit it if necessary.
  6. Save the image so that you can attach it to an email.

Create a print screen on a Mac

Taking a screenshot works slightly differently on a Mac. A Mac does not have a print-screen button, like PCs and laptops. With a Mac you use key combinations:

  • Screenshot of the entire screen: with the key combination Shift + Cmd (command key) +3
  • Screenshot of a section of the screen: with the key combination: Shift + Cmd +4

In the latter case, the mouse icon changes into a cross. You can drag this cross over the part of your screen you want to screenshot, creating a square. As soon as you release the mouse button a the screenshot will be taken.

It is of course possible that you have selected the wrong area. In that case, press ‘Esc’ to select the part again.

Screenshots are automatically saved to your Desktop. This way you can easily attach the file to an email.

How to make the perfect screenshot on your laptop, Mac or mobile

Taking screenshots with an Android system (smartphone or tablet)

You can also easily take a screenshot on devices with Android.

  1. Make sure what you want to be in the screenshot is on your screen.
  2. Then press and hold the lower volume button and press the power button at the same time. Hold this for a few seconds.
  3. At the top of the notification bar, an icon will now appear, indicating that you have taken a screenshot. Sometimes you also see an animation, but that can differ per device.
  4. Your screenshot can now be found in the gallery app and can now be added to an app or email.

Taking screenshots with an iPhone

How to take a screenshot with your iPhone:

  1. Open the screen you want to take a screenshot of.
  2. Then press the home button (on the bottom of the device) at the same time as the on/off button.
  3. If you did this correctly, your screen will light up briefly. If you don’t mute your iPhone, you’ll hear a camera shutter sound.
  4. If you have a device without a home button (as is the case with the iPhone X, for example), then the combination is: on/off button + volume up.
  5. The screenshot can then be found in the camera roll. You can then send the image with your email.

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