How to use AI Builder for MS Power Platform

Artificial Intelligence (AI) was always something for the future. However AI is here today and ready to use for your business. For example MS Power Platform has a AI builder integrated to push your business forward. AI is more wide spread than you think. We will give you some examples of how AI is already integrated in your day to day computer use and how Power Platform can help you even more using AI to develop your organisation.

AI in Microsoft software

AI should not be seen as software in itself, but as part of existing software. Artificial Intelligence is available within existing applications. Just think of facial recognition on mobile phones. But AI is also used in specific applications.

For example if you are sending emails late at night, MS Outlook tells you that it is better to do this in the morning. AI functionalities are also applied within MS PowerPoint. When you insert two images into a slide the PowerPoint will immediately show you a variety of design options. All these clever functions are Artificial Intelligence.

How to use AI Builder for MS Power Platform

Microsoft AI

Microsoft is one front runners using AI in their applications. For example MS Azure which is getting better using all kinds of Cognitive Services. Voice recognition, translations and calculations are easily implemented, without having to program any code.

If you are building an app to which you want to add a chatbot, you can activate this feature with a simple click through Cognitive Services. These are modular functions, which makes working with them very user friendly. These Cognitive Services are a great asset to your business because you do not have to invest in the development of a chatbot. This saves you organisation time and money.

AI in Microsoft Power BI and Power Platform

With Power BI from Microsoft it is possible to develop a data-driven company culture with Business Intelligence. Empower anyone at every level in your organisation to make reliable decisions with accurate analytics.
Get and share useful insights with hundreds of data visualisations, built-in AI capabilities, tight integration with Excel, and pre-built and custom data connectors. With advanced data security capabilities, you can keep your data safe with confidentiality labels, end-to-end encryption and real-time access control.

Go from data to insights, then to action with Microsoft Power Platform – and combine Power BI with Power Apps and Power Automate to easily develop business applications and automate workflows. Power BI collects and combines data from different data sources in your organisation and processes it into beautiful visual dashboards and reports. Data sources such as Business Central ERP, Microsoft Excel, but also from third parties such as Google Analytics.

Tech-Wales and AI with Power Platform

At Tech-Wales we have the expertise to integrate Power Platform into your organisation and let you start using your data and automate processes to drive your business forward. Not only can we provide your business with excellent business applications consultancy and integration we also have an excellent Business IT Support service to help your organisation with day to day IT issues. Do not hesitate to contact us today and bring your business into the future.