What is Microsoft Power Automate

What is Microsoft Power Automate? Many companies have countless processes that could easily be automated, but most of the time they lack the right tool to make this happen. With Microsoft Power Automate, companies have the opportunity to set up and model appropriate automations based on their ideas. We will explain how MS Power Automate works and how you this platform can work for your business.

What is Microsoft Power Automate?

Microsoft Power Automate is a user tool that offers companies the opportunity to independently create automated processes with Flow. Using MS Power Automate the entire company can ultimately be made more efficient and resources can be saved at all levels. The automation functions are not limited to the platform. Instead, they can be extended to desktops, mobile devices, the web, or even Microsoft Teams.

In addition to digital process automation, robot-driven process automation with Power Automate is also possible. Existing processes can also be analysed and improved with the Process Advisor and AI ensures continuous further development of process automation options.

Ultimately, Power Automate stands for an environment in which companies can easily and understandably automate their own processes with different templates. This does not require deep programming knowledge, but is based on the low-code approach.

Who is Microsoft Power Automate suitable for?

Microsoft’s Power Automate offers companies in all industries the ability to automate their own processes. Thanks to robot-assisted process automation (RPA), manufacturing companies can also rely on Power Automate. Business process automation is possible with Power Automate because no special industry affiliation is required to take advantage of Power Automate.

Likewise, there is no need for a specific company size, although it should be noted that the operation and setting up of automated processes requires at least rudimentary programming knowledge, which is not always taught in very small companies and some medium-sized companies.

What is Microsoft Power Automate

Microsoft Power Automate features

Let’s take a look at the features that Power Automate offers its users. We also want to detail the practical benefits of these features and show how businesses can benefit from Power Automate.

Digital Process Automation (DPA)

With Digital Process Automation (DPA), all business processes can be continuously optimised. The intuitive interface enables any user to create automated workflows, even without technical expertise. More than 500 different apps, data and services can easily be linked together.

Also Power Automate offers plenty of cloud flow templates that serve as a jump start for businesses to automate tasks. Artificial intelligence can also be added to the automations with the AI builder. Be it image recognition, optical character recognition or even speech understanding, all of these AIs ensure that the processes continue to win in automation.

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

With the low-code visual designer, companies have the opportunity to easily create automated workflows themselves. Hundreds of drag and drop actions are available to users. Simple steps such as mouse and keyboard actions can also be recorded and transferred directly to the visual designer.

Ultimately, the RPA significantly increases efficiency in the entire process flow. In addition, employees can be relieved of tedious recurring tasks. Even costly errors can be avoided through RPA and thus more process reliability can be achieved.

Business Process Automation (BPA)

Multi-stage processes can be greatly simplified and automated with Business Process Automation. With the integrated process designer, all phases and steps of individual business process flows can be planned quickly and easily. In this way, approval procedures can be easily designed and the next steps can be displayed immediately.

Access to and visibility of the respective business process flows can also be clearly displayed and managed centrally. This ensures more process reliability in general. Power Automate also currently offers many full business process templates as they are used in many companies.

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