Tips for personal backup

Tech-Wales shares a few tips how to keep your personal data and files safe. One would think that all of your financial and personal files are safely stored on your laptop. But are your important personal files very safe on your laptop? It will only take one system error, theft or a glass of water to loose all your files, family pictures and data. It is important to make a personal backup plan. Most of your personal files are irreplaceable and you need to make sure you keep them safe. Read below our tips how to protect your personal files.

Personal Data and File Backup Tips

Use an external hard drive for backup

An external hard drive is ideal to store all your images and file locally. Most external hard drives are not too expensive and provide plenty of storage space. You will have always access to your files even when there is no internet connection.

Use software for automatic backup

Do not just manually backup your files. It is human nature to forget now and then. Use backup software to automate the process. Manual backup leaves room for error. A user friendly backup software package will always automatically make a backup of your files, will keep logs and will warm you when something goes wrong.

Keep copies in different places

Always make sure to keep two copies of the most important files. With different backups on different devices you will minimise the risk to losing any data or files. Make sure to store each copy in a different place.

Create your own personal cloud

Also use a free cloud storage to keep your files and pictures combined with an external hard drive. There are several free cloud storage services available like pCloud, MediaFire, Dropbox, Google Drive and OneDrive as just a few examples. This also gives you the advantage to access all your images, videos and personal files from any device and from any location. But make sure you always keep a local copy of your data on an external hard drive.

Test your personal backup plan

The backup software keeps logs of every problem occurring during the backup process. Make sure no file is skipped. It could be that the one special image or video has not been backed up. Check your log files to ensure all your files, images and data are safe.

Professional backup solutions

It can be more complex to keep your business data safe. At Tech-Wales we offer a variety of business backup solutions to ensure your business files and data is being kept safe at all times. It is better to prevent then to cure although we also offer data recovery services. We also offer great cloud computing services to ensure you can work felxible and keep your documents safe.

Contact us now for an initial consultation to ensure your professional business data and files are always safe.