Use Windows 8 Rooms To Improve Family Organisation!

For a modern day family, it is hard to keep track of what everyone is doing, where they are and who they are with. In my family it reminds me of an episode of the brilliant TV series “Outnumbered” where the parents Pete and Sue double book their Saturday social outings which leads to a disastrous tennis match.

Simple things like planning the evening meal can become a nightmare when meetings or other social events crop up and you can’t get through to your partner to rearrange the time. With rooms on the Windows 8 Phone, you can keep up to date with any changes made to your schedule and everyone else’s in real-time!

By adding people to a room such as the ‘family room’ preloaded on your Windows Phone, it means everyone’s calendar within the group is synced and therefore any amendments will show up on your own calendar (even if they have an iPhone). This makes life so much easier, especially when you forget about an appointment or a special event, access to your partners calendar can be a life saver!