Microsoft Copilot AI-tool for MS Power Apps

In the current digital workplace, it is important to work smarter and more efficiently. To support smarter and efficient working Microsoft has now introduced its latest AI-tool: Copilot. This revolutionary tool is a valuable addition to the business MS 365 environment. In this blog you can read more about the possibilities and benefits of Microsoft Copilot AI-Tool for MS Power Apps for the future digital workplace.

What is Microsoft Copilot for MS Power Apps?

Microsoft Copilot is a tool that leverages the power of AI technology based on GPT-4. With MS Copilot, you can reuse information stored in Microsoft 365 to perform tasks such as creating basic documents and refining the content. MS Copilot is actually a kind of personal assistant that can help you create documents and perform various tasks. This makes it a valuable addition, especially for business users, and indispensable for the future digital workplace.

MS Copilot not only uses the power of AI technology, but also your own data in the Microsoft Graph and the Microsoft 365 apps and Power Apps. This allows the tool to work smarter and more focused, because it understands the context of your work.

AI in Microsoft 365

Microsoft has announced that they are integrating the MS Copilot tool into several Office 365 apps, such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook and Teams. This tool can help users write emails, come up with tasks, and can even create live transcripts of meetings. Besides the standard MS 365 Apps MS Copilot  can also be integrated in custom made Power Apps.

Microsoft Copilot AI-tool for MS Power Apps

Business Chat

A new tool is being developed by Microsoft called Business Chat, which is similar to ChatGPT. The goal is to be able to talk to an AI assistant who provides answers to all kinds of questions. The AI looks up information for this in the Microsoft apps. Both Business Chat and MS Copilot share many similarities with ChatGPT, as they are both based on OpenAI’s GPT-4, which was recently launched.

When can we expect Microsoft Copilot?

Microsoft is currently testing MS Copilot with a small group of users. However, Microsoft expects to make the tool available in the coming months. It is still unknown whether it entails additional costs and whether a separate license is required. When available, Copilot will appear alongside the Microsoft 365 apps and users will be able to use it to complete tables in Excel, compose text in Word, or move text from Word to PowerPoint.

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