What does cyber resilience mean

Most companies and organisations have IT security in place and have their valuable documents and software well protected. But what if even after all the measures your business has taken you still fall victim to a cyber attack? How do you ensure that your business can still function when that happens?

Cyber resilience is a range of measurements to ensure your organisation knows what to do when you are the victim of a cyber attack. IT security often knows how to detect attacks and stop them and they have backup and restore procedures in place. But what about critical business processes like customer service and finances during and after a cyber attack?

Obviously not everyone working for an organisation is a security expert. However it is important that managers in key positions in an organisation or in technical support understand how important IT security is. If they do not know what to do when your business falls victim to a cyber attack the whole organisational structure and day to day running of your business is in danger.

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What is Cyber Resilience

Keep an open mind when working on cyber resilience

Every organisation which takes cyber security seriously will have a good backup system to prevent data and information loss. It is important to be up and running again as quickly as possible limiting loss of time, resources and money.

When developing cyber resilience it is also important to think outside the box. Staff with little security knowledge could have valuable input regarding cyber resilience. It is important to establish by talking to employees which processes and software are important for their department so that you can set up a plan to get them up and running as quickly as possible should you fall victim to a cyber attack.

Tech-Wales and cyber security and cyber resilience

At Tech-Wales we are experts in cyber security and can help you set up a fast and reliable back up solutions to protect your valuable data and documents. We can also help to ensure all your essential software will be protected and will be up and running quickly again should the situation arise. Feel free to contact us today to discuss your security issues and protect your organisation against cyber attacks.