Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trends for 2024

The world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) keeps developing and is integrated more in daily ICT usage. In this blog Tech-Wales gives you the AI trends for 2024.

More attention to ethical AI

One of the most important trends is the increased attention to ethical AI. As AI systems increasingly integrate into our lives, so does awareness and concern about the ethical implications. These include aspects such as data protection, algorithmic bias and the transparency of AI decision-making processes. The UK’s AI legislation will be felt by more and more companies. Only if we manage to develop AI systems that people trust will we be able to realise AI and peoples full potential.

Advances in Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing (NLP) is going to make remarkable progress. The capabilities of NLP will soon go beyond pure text interpretation and enable more nuanced and context-aware interactions between people and machines. Also in 2024 the importance of advanced NLP in content creation, where AI can write and edit text content and mimic human style and creativity.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Trends for 2024

AI in healthcare

The integration of AI in healthcare has already proven to be innovative and this will be no different in 2024. There is a significant increase in AI applications for predictive diagnostics, personalised medicine and patient care management. Now that we can use AI to unravel the structure of proteins, for example, tailor-made medicines for certain types of cancer are not far away. Machine learning has long been a part of medicine, but access to cheap computing power will take this field to a new level.

Autonomous systems

We are taking the step towards autonomous systems that take work off your hands. Think of delivery drones, automated warehouses and greenhouse construction that evolve through the use of AI. And not so much in the form of robots that perform actions. For example, consider predicting maintenance based on historical data or using AI and sensor data to determine at an early stage when it is the perfect time to harvest.

AI advertising

Image generation tools will take off in a big way. Not only because it is cheaper to use AI, but also because you can create a large number of assets very quickly. So far we can still reasonably distinguish AI-generated images from reality, but that will change in 2024. AI allows us to create product assets in seconds, even if we don’t have a real product photo available. AI will soon also easily convert this into high-resolution video that is suitable for TV commercials.

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