How to use Google Chrome tab groups

Since a few months Google Chrome has got a new functionality called tab groups. With this functionality you can put tabs in groups as the title suggests. This can be very useful when you are using Chrome a lot for work.

To enable tab groups on Chrome you need to enter the following in the address bar to take you to the correct settings page: chrome://flags/#tab-groups.

This turns on the function that gives you access to grouped tabs. If you copy the text and indicate in Chrome to enable Tab Groups (select Enabled) you are ready to start.

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How to use Google Chrome tab groups

How to use grouped tabs in Google Chrome

You will now see an extra option when you right-click on a tab: Add to new group. You can give the group a name and select a colour if required. If you want to add a second tab right click on that tab, press the same mouse button on that sheet and select Add tab to group.

You will now see that the tabs have an outline and a coloured name or if you didn’t name the group a circle in front of it. You can adjust the colour of that outline and circle by right clicking the name or circle. You can also change the group name here. Also in the same menu you can open a new tab in the group, ungroup, move the group to a new window or to close the whole group at once.

You can also add and remove tabs from groups by dragging the tab(s) out of the group. If you want a tab to be in a group simple drag and drop the tab in that group. Should the tab leave the group again? Simply drag it outside the group.

If you click on a link in a tab that opens a new one that new tab will also be part of the group. Furthermore it is possible to move a tab group in one go on the bar by selecting and holding the name or coloured circle and move the group as required.

In the future the tab group functionality Google Chrome will undoubtedly be extended, but for now the option seems to work and give you extra options to organise your work.

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