Save That Bright Idea With OneNote and Office 365

For those of you that follow our blog, you probably think this title sounds familiar…well you’re right! I’ve written about using Nokia Lumia calendar ‘To-do’ reminders to record last minute tasks, and also OneNote’s amazing features that help capture your ideas and organise your research. However, what I didn’t do was mention OneNote’s most underused feature that has saved my ideas countless times and made life so much easier!

That feature is ‘record audio’. I find this so helpful when I’m in a rush and can’t type as fast as my brain processes information. I use itin the car (not when driving obviously), in between tasks in work and for recording a conference or meeting whilst I’m taking notes.

When using OneNote 2013 on your desktop/tablet, notes typed whilst recording are automatically linked to that specific time during the recording. There’s no need to rattle your brain to figure out what note was made for what point discussed in the conference, it’s done for you!

This is so helpful when I’m making notes on ideas for certain events discussed in a team meeting, as when I play back the recording, a little play icon appears next to the typed notes I made at that time.

Here’s a 30 second video on how simple it is to record an audio note on your Windows Phone whilst you’re on the go! Why bother typing! With one simple tap, you can record your voice in OneNote and play it back anytime you need to jog your memory.

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