Always use a secure password

It is so important to use a secure password. You can invest a lot of money in online security but if you or your staff are using insecure passwords which are easy to hack, your business will still be at risk to be compromised by cyber criminals. Passwords like 1234, password1, qwerty or jones123 should never be used. Unfortunately a lot of people are still using similar easy to hack passwords.

Good passwords are almost impossible to guess so less chance of falling victim to cyber crime. It can be difficult to remember all these secure passwords. We recommend using a good password manager to store your passwords in a secure environment. We cannot stress enough how important it is to use secure passwords. They might take longer to set up however it will cost much more time and money to deal with the consequences of a cyber attack.

What is a strong and secure password

  • A secure, strong password has at least eight characters.
  • It contains at least one uppercase letter, one number, and one special character (such as @ + $ &% =).
  • The password is not the same as the login name.
  • There are no existing words, no dates of birth, no names, and no strings such as 123456 or qwerty.
  • The password is changed at least once a year.

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Always use a secure password

Creating a strong safe password

  • Think of a fantasy word of at least eight characters.
  • It must not be a word in the dictionary, nor a name that can be guessed.
  • Replace one or more letters with a number.
  • Replace one or more letters with a special character (such as @ + $ &% =.)
  • Use one or more capital letters.
  • Example: prakimirabam becomes PraK+80rabam
  • Example: frunzelbroiofi becomes frun$elBR=72

More ways to secure your login details

If you have the option always use two factor authentication in combination with a strong password. This will make it nearly impossible for hackers to gain access.

Also if possible use the option of a passphrase. This can be used instead of a password but also in combination with a password and will provide extra security. A passphrase is often more difficult to guess than a password.

If you can’t think of a secure password use a password generator website to help you.

Use a different password for every website or account you need to log into. If hackers get access to one password and you use the same password it will be very easy for them to hack into your other accounts.

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