Protect your Office 365 account and devices

Internet and IT security are very important to keep your valuable data and documents safe. It is therefore even more important that you and your staff are working safe to protect your business against hackers or malware. Tech-Wales will give you some guidelines for you and your staff to work safely to keep your valuable data and documents safe. However do not forget to protect your personal accounts as well! Sometimes hackers get business usernames and passwords by hacking personal accounts.

Two factor authentication

Two factor authentication is one of the simplest and most effective ways to increase the security of your organisation. It is very easy to set up and increases your security. When you sign up for two factor authentication you enter a code which is sent to your mobile phone to access Office 365 when you sign in from a new device or computer. This prevents hackers from taking over as they will need the code sent to your mobile. Two factor authentication is also called two-step verification. When your organisation is using Office 365 your IT department will need to set up two factor authentication. Here is a guide how to set up two factor authentication for your business.

But that is not enough. It is also very important to set two factor authentication up for your personal Office 365 accounts. Encourage your staff as well to set this up for your personal accounts. Organisations do get hacked by usernames and passwords obtained from personal accounts. Microsoft also has a guide how to set this up for personal accounts.

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Protect your Office 365 account and devices

Be careful with sensitive information

It may seem obvious but never e-mail sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, credit card details or passport details. It is not known if the recipient has proper security measures in place and your sensitive information might end up in the wrong hands.

Be aware of scams

Phishing e-mails are still a very popular way to obtain sensitive information. The e-mail will look like it is from your bank or the government. Instead however the links in the email will take the user to a fake website with the goal of obtaining login details and other information.

The general rule is not to click links in emails but browse to the website via for example Google. Also never open attachments from an unknown or suspicious source. This could be malware which could seriously compromise your security.

Password Security

Always make sure that strong passwords are being used. Include capitals, numbers and special characters. Also do not use the same password for all your accounts.

Protect your devices

Make sure that all your devices have updated anti virus software and a firewall installed. This will prevent hackers gaining access to your devices and steal sensitive information. It is also very important to update all software. Sometimes the updates fix important security issues and by not updating leaves you vulnerable to attacks.

Tech-Wales and Online Security

At Tech-Wales we are experts in protecting and securing your organisation. We have experienced and customer friendly experts who can make your computer network and software secure and prevent attacks from cyber criminals. It is very important to have a good cyber security for your organisation. Do not leave your cyber security to chance and contact us today.