Important steps towards a data driven organisation

In many organisations data-driven management is at the core. Using data is often mainly placed within the IT structure. However data-driven management without a well-supported targets or goals from the business often remains no more than a series of separate initiatives without a clear strategy.

Working with data requires technical expertise but that does not mean that data-driven working is purely a technological exercise. On the contrary. In a data-driven organisation the data should be used by everyone. If you want to successfully make the step from individual data initiatives to a data-driven organisation as an IT team within an organisation, you cannot ignore the employees. They will all have a goal or question that may be solved with data. For example, which location has the most potential? Or how do I find the right people? Tech-Wales provides you with some important steps towards a data driven organisation.

From a dashboard to a mindset

When data-driven working is motivated from a purely technical perspective, the goal is often: a dashboard for overview and structure. An overview with data from the past. Now the trick is to take the step forward and not work towards a dashboard, but have colleagues come to you with ideas, so that you can jointly innovate with data. The first step towards successful data-driven working is therefore a shift in mindset.

Important steps towards a data driven organisation

From a mindset to practical solutions

The questions or goals set come from within the organisation, preferably supported by management. The data professionals provide the technological expertise/support to provide more insight into how those goals or innovations can be achieved. The IT can show what is possible with data in order to stimulate the way of thinking.

By showing what is possible, IT helps the business to adopt an attitude and to be curious about what data can mean for an organisation. Use a cloud platform from Tech-Wales for this, on which you can quickly convert opportunities and ideas into practice.

From practical solutions to success

With quick steps you immediately see results, to the organisation and to the employees involved. This is very important, because if it takes a few weeks or even longer before the first insights or results are visible, then the world has already changed. By keeping the threshold low and quickly achieving visible results, you increase support within your organisation.

Cloud Solutions from Tech-Wales

Being able to work anywhere and anytime as if you were in the office, with all the desired data and applications at your disposal. Assured of maximum availability, solid security and up-to-date hardware and software. But without ever having to worry about technology, maintenance and management. It is possible, with cloud solutions from Tech-Wales. Contact us today to discuss your cloud solutions.