What is Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management (MDM) makes it possible to manage devices remotely. Organisations increasingly use mobile devices such as laptops and mobile phones. Managing all devices has therefore become quite a task. MDM makes it possible to manage devices remotely. This is not only useful for mobile devices, the fixed equipment can also be managed more easily. This makes it easier to protect data and keep devices compliant with company policies. A well-designed Mobile Device Management (MDM) policy has a positive impact on company policy. Here we explain exactly what Mobile Device Management is and how it works.

What exactly is Mobile Device Management

Mobile Device Management is a solution to manage devices faster and easier within an organisation. Each device within the organisation is given a profile, which contains a number of policy settings. These policy settings are loaded from the cloud, so that employees are not interrupted in their work. Organisations thus gain direct insight into the safety of devices and can intervene in the event of calamities.

As we increasingly work from different locations, MDM has become increasingly important. It gives organisations the ability to manage and protect devices remotely. Where previously 1 person had to walk past every device within the organisation, this is completely a thing of the past with MDM. This saves time and increases security within the organisation.

Why is Mobile Device Management so important

Employees’ devices have deep access to data within your organisation. Therefore, a poorly designed environment can pose a security risk. Managing corporate devices is extremely important, because malicious parties can steal a lot of data via an affected device. For this reason, device management within organisations is extremely important. It provides insight into the weak spots within your IT environment. This allows you as an organization to take action quickly and better protect the data within the organisation.

What is Mobile Device Management

What is the advantage of Mobile Device Management

There can be many different devices in an organisation. This can make it more difficult to keep everything up-to-date. MDM makes it possible to manage devices in bulk and adjust settings. This means that you don’t have to physically go to every device, which also makes working from home a lot easier.

The moment a device is lost, you as an organisation do not want data to leak out. Organisations that use sensitive data a lot want to protect it optimally. By applying Mobile Device Management, devices can be remotely wiped. This ensures that malicious parties cannot gain access to sensitive company information.

Mobile Device Management creates one central overview

With Mobile Device Management, you as an organisation get one central overview of the health of devices. For example, you can see the following components in Mobile Device Management:

  • Do devices have the correct updates
  • Do devices have the right apps available
  • What is the safety score of a device
  • What settings have been applied to the device

How does Mobile Device Management (MDM) work

Device management is done in the Microsoft 365 environment with Microsoft Endpoint Manager. Some people may know it as Microsoft Intune, but Microsoft Endpoint Manager is its successor. This application ensures that all devices are managed in one central environment. Microsoft Endpoint Manager is where the different profiles are created, which can then be assigned to employees.

A profile can be created for the entire organisation, a department or a specific person. The design of this completely depends on the wishes and needs of the organisation. It is important to think carefully about an MDM implementation, because it has a major impact on data security. Define a sound policy and take a critical look at its implementation.

What is Microsoft Endpoint Manager

Microsoft Endpoint Manager is an application that makes it possible to manage devices from the cloud or on-premises devices. It thus combines the functionalities of Microsoft Intune and Microsoft Configuration Manager in one central environment. Basically it is possible to apply a Mobile Device Management policy from here. The application still has several functionalities, but we will not consider these for now.

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