Reasons to outsource the migration and management of Office 365

Are you still working from an on-premise environment? Then you should consider making a switch to working in the cloud. As there are many benefits associated with this, organisations make the decision to make the switch every day. This choice has major advantages for your organisation. You improve the management of your infrastructure, reduce costs and the access to information is improved. You will also have access to the most new available functions within Office 365. You should consider outsourcing the migration and management of Office 365.

Making the switch to Office 365 is a big and impactful decision. It is necessary to carefully consider which content should be migrated. Even with an IT department, there is a good chance that you will need support with the migration but also the final Office 365 management. Initially, most companies look for specialists in Office 365 migrations. That is understandable. But be aware that a migration is just the beginning. The digital transformation to Office 365 is much more extensive than that. Office 365 management also plays a major and important role in this.

Office 365 management options

The entire mentality within the digital world has changed enormously in recent times. Updates take place almost daily. You can use improved or new functionalities. Daily updates require a different mentality and focus. This is necessary for good Office 365 management. More importantly, you need that to use all Office 365 functionality. The advice is to look for a partner who has not only got experience with the implementation of the switch, but who has  also got experience with strategic support for Office 365 management. Why this is so important? This way, your organisation  will make use of all the new functionalities. This increases efficiency and productivity within the organisation.

Reasons to outsource the migration and management of Office 365

Benefits of outsourcing Office 365 management

Outsourcing your Office 365 management comes with several advantages. The most important is that you are aware of all the opportunities that Office 365 offers. Based on the needs of the organisation and the advice of the external partner, you can indicate the functionalities that suit your business. Depending on the level of change within the organisation and knowledge of the workforce, this also includes change management and training activities.

This is a lot to keep in mind. Strategic guidance may be desirable. This offers space through the support so that you can make optimal use of all the benefits that Office 365 has to offer.

Tech-Wales Microsoft 365 consultancy

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