Creative Brainstorming with MS Whiteboard

Hybrid working is here to stay and your business will need all the modern technique to keep your business running smoothly. However we do miss the spontaneous brainstorming sessions at the office to create new ideas. Just write one thought after another on a whiteboard and decide together which concepts are suitable to work out. Because not everyone is in the office at the same time, these kinds of sessions are becoming rare. Yet something like this can also take place in a hybrid work environment. Microsoft Whiteboard is the perfect tools to have hybrid creative sessions. MS Whiteboard is a digital application that functions like a traditional whiteboard, but hosted virtually. MS Whiteboard allows you to have a brainstorming session in an online meeting.

MS Whiteboard Feedback

Microsoft Whiteboard offers you and your team plenty of space to create new ideas. You can also collaborate with multiple devices on the virtual whiteboard. You can see in real time who you are working with on the whiteboard and what your colleagues are doing. So you don’t have to be informed remotely about the most recent ideas. You can easily keep track of that yourself.

When you work together, it is of course important to know what everyone is working on and to stay up-to-date. Also feedback plays a major role in the collaboration. Microsoft has also thought of this when designing the digital whiteboard. As a user, you can choose from a range of fun, engaging, and meaningful responses, allowing you to quickly provide feedback on someone else’s ideas.

Microsoft Whiteboard Templates

It is possible to extend and enhance whiteboard sessions with templates for different tasks. Think of templates for brainstorming sessions, group projects, project planning and much more. The templates are fully customisable and help employees get started quickly and structure all elaborations.

Creative Brainstorming with MS Whiteboard

Insert pictures into MS Whiteboard

Not only do you have different pens, markers, shapes, an eraser and a ruler at your disposal. You bring the whiteboard session even more to life by inserting images. Images are a great tool for drawing attention and conveying abstract/complex concepts. With the almost endless amount of images you can find online, you can explain your ideas more effectively than on a traditional whiteboard, on which you often have to draw yourself.

For whom is the MS Whiteboard accessible

The Microsoft Whiteboard is standard in the Microsoft 365 environment. In addition to being supported on all devices running Windows 10, the app is also accessible on devices running iOS 9 or later. The web version of MS Whiteboard is supported on all devices with a current version of popular browsers such as Microsoft Edge, Chrome, Firefox and Safari. To use MS Whiteboard, you must sign in with a free Microsoft account or a Microsoft 365 account (personal, work, or school).

Microsoft Whiteboard in Teams

Microsoft Teams is used by many organisations as a collaboration tool. Since Microsoft Whiteboard is automatically enabled in Microsoft 365 environments, MS Whiteboard is also accessible to Teams users. That means you can make Teams meetings even more efficient and fun by developing concepts or ideas together with other participants.

Save and share whiteboard projects

Have you worked productively online with your team and the whiteboard is full of interesting information that you want to keep? Then you don’t have to quickly take screenshots or photos in order not to lose the content. Microsoft Whiteboard automatically saves the whiteboard. And you can easily share the whiteboard with your team by sharing the link in Teams in a Teams chat.

Tech-Wales to improve hybrid team working

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