Top Cyber Security Trends 2019

Cyber security should always be high on your priority list. You need to keep your valuable data and documents safe from any attacks. Prevention is better than cure so be sure your computer systems are secure. Hackers are always trying to find new ways to attack computer systems and steal valuable personal and business data and documents. So what are the cyber attack trends to look out for in 2019. Tech-Wales gives you an overview of the latest developments and what to be aware of when it comes to cyber security.

Targeted Phishing Attacks

This is not a new cyber security trend but it is still a very big security threat. The hackers use phishing e-mails and malicious URLs to try and obtain login details from users. The login details are being collected and sold to the highest bidder on the dark net posing a security threat now but also in the future.

Over the years hundred of millions records of login details have been stolen and are still being used and traded by hackers. Most of these login details have been changed by now. However a lot of these details have not been changed as yet. Another issue is that many people use the same username and / or password for multiple websites. Hackers will try to plug these details on popular websites like LinkedIn, Twitter, Amazon or Facebook.

This is a trend for personal accounts but it is also a very real threat for businesses. Many employees use the same username and password for personal and business use.

Never follow links from e-mails and always search for the company who is trying to email you in your browser. Always make sure you and anyone in your business is using unique and secure passwords and usernames. Another way to prevent these sort of attacks is to use two factor authentication to make prevent unwanted persons logging into your accounts.

Cyber Security and GDPR

Of course GDPR itself is not a threat. However it is relevant in relation to cyber security as a trend. It is important that GPDR regulations are being followed by your business. It is important to keep the data of your customers safe. We are still awaiting the first big penalty however companies will have to step up security to prevent data breaches.

You need to make sure in 2019 that your business has stored your clients data in a safe environment. Any data breach can lead to a big fine. This is not only relevant for electronically stored data but also for paper data.

Endpoint Security

Most computer networks are protected by firewalls to prevent attacks from hackers. However every computer network has so called endpoint devices connected. These devices can be connected wireless and are devices like printers, digital video recorders or thermostats. They all have their own IP address and can therefore be used for DDoS attacks if they are infected with malware.

These endpoints devices require more security than just a firewall. There are various solutions for endpoint security which varies for every device and organisation. It is very important to be aware of this potential security issue for your business and make sure that hackers do not get access to your computer network via these endpoint devices.

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Cyber Attack Trends to Watch for 2019

User Awareness

It has been important and it will be important in 2019. You have to make sure that your staff is aware of cyber security and follow the important cyber security guidelines. No matter how much security software you install the human element will always be the weakest link.

Staff need to be aware that they have to use secure and unique passwords, that they not click on links from e-mails especially e-mails from an unknown source and be aware of malicious websites. It is important to provide your staff with some sort of training when it comes to internet security. It only takes one person to click on a malicious link to bring down the whole IT structure of your business.

Security Risks with Shadow IT

Shadow IT is software or applications used by employees which have not been authorised by your IT department. As the IT department is not aware of these applications it is very difficult to guarantee security for these apps. Every organisation has shadow IT as part of its workflow. The IT department does not always provide all the software for employees to do their day to day work. Often being pressurised by deadlines staff will look for their own solutions. Examples of shadow IT can be DropBox or Google Docs.

It is very important that you are aware of any shadow IT in your organisation. You will need to address this problem with your IT department and determine what sort of applications your staff are using as it can be a potentially large security issue.

Tech-Wales Cyber Security

If you have any worries regarding cyber security Tech-Wales can help you make your organisation secure. We have experienced and customer friendly experts who can make your computer network secure and prevent attacks from cyber criminals. It is very important to have a good cyber security for your organisation. Do not leave your cyber security to chance and contact us today.