Five major IT security risks for your business (part 4)

Internet security and cyber security are one of the biggest threats to your business these days. There are a lot of things you can do to protect yourself from these threats however if you are looking for professional advice please check out our cyber security services and online protection services. However IT security is not only a very technical issue which you will outsource to an experienced IT consultant however it is also making yourself and your employees aware of certain risks. In this five part article Tech-Wales will warn you of certain risks and how to prevent them. Make sure you also read our previous internet security articles about malware via social engineering, password phishing and unpatched software.

Social Media Security Threats

Social Media Security Threats

Many people have a social media account these days for example on Twitter, Facebook or LinkedIn. The threats in the personal accounts come in the shape of friend requests and they will ask you to install an application. If you are an unsuspecting victim you will give the hacker access to your social media accounts and often much more!

The hackers also try to hack business social media accounts. Often when they acquire the password of the business social media account it will give them access to other areas of the IT network due to password duplication. Some of the biggest hacks you have been reading about have been started via social media hacks!

It is very important to teach users of your computer network about these threats. Make sure your users never use their social media password for any of your business IT systems. Also make sure they use the login rules as outlined in our password phishing article.

Also make sure that all users of social media are aware where to report a hacked business or personal account. Sometimes it is friends or family who notice first something is wrong with the account.

Next week our final part and the subject will be Advanced Persistent Threats (APT).