AI-Driven Sales with Microsoft Viva

If an important part of your business is sales, you are of course primarily concerned with selling the products and services of your organisation. Although you prefer constant pushing of sales, you undoubtedly also spend a lot of time researching, processing data and analysing. What would it be like if your software took care of these aspects of the sales process? Microsoft has come up with something for that with Viva Sales, which uses AI Driven sales.

When Microsoft came up with Viva in early 2021, it was released as an employee experience platform. This is a digital office, for people who could no longer go to the office due to the corona pandemic. Microsoft Viva has a tight integration with Microsoft Teams and stimulates collaboration between colleagues, helps with training and education and gives colleagues insight into productivity by capturing day to day work in scores and percentages.

AI-Driven Sales with Microsoft Viva

Feature-specific functionality

With Viva Sales, the functionality of MS Viva is specifically aimed at sales staff and the scope has been expanded to Dynamics 365 CRM. Sales staff who actively use a CRM, a customer relationship management system appears to detract from the effectiveness of their sales work, especially the administrative tasks that come with using such a sales system.

MS Viva Sales solves this problem and guides representatives through the entire workflow. From contacting a lead to closing a deal, taking as much work as possible off the seller’s hands with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). So what exactly does MS Viva Sales AI do?

  • In the digital work process with leads and accounts, the salesperson is constantly provided with relevant context about the contact from Dynamics, Outlook and Teams, so that this information does not have to be looked up manually.
  • The salesperson receives suggestions to immediately adjust data in CRM or add pedigrees, without leaving Outlook.
  • View of Dynamics information such as tasks and activities in the seller’s Outlook.
  • In the decision-making process, AI advises on actions to take, in order to increase customer engagement and maximize the chance of closing the deal.
  • Provides automated summaries of Teams meetings, including action points, keywords and sentiment analysis of participants (in what has been named positive, neutral or negative).

Manual tasks are further automated and the seller, receive ready-made actions. This way, a sales person know how to keep the focus and there is more time left to follow up on leads.

No additional application; integration into existing processes

Viva Sales combines the power of AI with rich data about customer behaviour that you have available within Microsoft 365 applications and shows it the moment you need it. Because you work with Viva Sales in your existing programs and processes, the sales experience remains the same and you as a seller do not have to go through a learning curve or adjust your work process.

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