Microsoft Ignite 2021 – Announcements for MS Teams

At the beginning of March, Microsoft announced innovations within Microsoft Teams during MS Ignite 2021. Efficiency, collaboration and safety are the focus with these innovations. We will describe the most important new features and details that will be available in Microsoft Teams soon.

Add external guests to a Team channel in MS Teams

One of the most exciting announcement is Teams Connect. With Teams Connect, an owner can create a Teams channel and add Teams from inside and outside your organisation. Adding external guests was already possible with Teams Guest Access. With Teams Connect however you can also share separate channels with external parties and these will be directly accessible in the Teams environment of the external party. This is a major improvement to the current guest access where a guest has to switch between the external and internal Team. Teams Connect will be rolled out later this year.

Webinar functionality in Microsoft Teams

With Teams Live Event, Microsoft already cab facilitate webinars from Microsoft Teams. A disadvantage of using Teams Live Event for webinar was that you had no insight into participants of your event. With the new announcement of Teams Webinar it will be possible to create a webinar directly from Teams where guests can register via a registration form, for example via your website. This gives you great insight into the attendance of your webinar. After the webinar you can use the new reporting options which give you insight into the participants and how long they participated.

Microsoft Ignite 2021 - Announcements for MS Teams

New options for MS Teams during meetings

Recently Microsoft improved the display options in meetings by increasing them from 2 × 2 windows to 3 × 3. On Microsoft Ignite, Microsoft announced new display options that you can expect in Teams soon to use for meetings.

Presenter Mode MS Teams

With Presenter Mode you as a presenter are visible to other participants as if you were presenting yourself next to a screen. Presenter mode uses smart technology to display your presentation or shared screen with you as a presenter.

PowerPoint Live View for MS Teams

PowerPoint Live View is a new layout that gives you a better view as a presenter. You can see your PowerPoint presentation at a glance, including any notes – as you are used to from a traditional presentation – you also keep in touch with participants so that you can read their reactions and body language and respond to them as a presenter. PowerPoint Live View is only visible to you as a presenter.

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