Microsoft Places Explained

Hybrid working is the new trend. Although the COVID-19 pandemic seems like ages ago many organisations are still embracing hybrid working. Hybrid working provides employees with flexibility, less sickness reports, increased productivity and cost savings for your organisation. There are many software packages which helps making hybrid working easier. Microsoft Places is one of these packages. We will explain what MS Places can do for your organisation.

What is Microsoft Places?

Microsoft Places is a new Connected Workplace platform that coordinates where work is being done. It also modernises the office experience with intelligent technology and optimises office space occupancy.

Such a Connected Workplace can be both physical and digital to make hybrid working as pleasant and successful as possible.

Coordinate work more easily

How do you get a quick overview of which colleagues are working at the office and when? Microsoft Places helps you with this by uniting the locations that you and your colleagues indicate in a dashboard. Based on your work in Microsoft 365 applications, such as MS Outlook and MS Teams, you can see at a glance:

  • When most of the colleagues you work closely with are in the office.
  • Which office spaces match the form of collaboration. Think of a brainstorm, hybrid meeting or meeting at the office.
  • Suggested departure time from home to office and vice versa. This way you have the shortest travel time.

In this way you can use your time more efficiently and you will meet your colleagues more often at the office.

Microsoft Places Explained

Improve the office experience

If you have Microsoft Teams Rooms, it becomes easier to find the right office space with Microsoft Places. You can also reserve a workplace in the department where your closest colleagues work. And if you’ve been out of the office for a while, Microsoft Places helps you find your way through an interactive road map. This way you don’t keep wandering around, you save time and the office experience gets better.

Optimise the occupancy of office spaces and save on costs

Microsoft Places gives you insight into how office spaces are used and what the occupancy rate was over a certain period. You can use that data immediately to make adjustments during the day, for example by exchanging office space if you need more space. And do you have a shortage of quiet rooms? Then you can see which meeting rooms are not being used at that moment, so that you can turn them into quiet workplaces. This dynamic use of office space offers the opportunity to manage it better and to save energy.

Tech-Wales making hybrid working possible

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