What is Microsoft Bookings

MS Office 365 has several apps that are very useful. Outlook, Word, Excel are programs that you are undoubtedly familiar with. There are also many apps that are much less known, but that are very useful. In this blog we explain what Microsoft Bookings is.

What is Microsoft Bookings

Microsoft Bookings is a tool that can be used for many types of solutions. you can for example have clients book visits to your store or office. People can easily make an appointment and the owner can easily manage it. MS bookings can also be applied to flex or workplaces, meeting rooms, client visits, pool cars and other services.

Microsoft Bookings is part of the Office 365 suite. With this tool you can open up your calendar to outside people. The advantage of this tool is that external people do not have access to the agenda, but can see and book an appointment. This appointment is then added to the agenda and can be managed in MS Bookings.

MS Bookings Integrations

Microsoft Bookings is easy to integrate with other programs. For example, you can place a reservation schedule on your website, automatically send e-mails, automatically include appointments in the agenda and add a Teams link in the appointment.

What is Microsoft Bookings

MS Bookings Automation

In addition to integrating MS Bookings with other programs, it is also possible to create automatic workflows with Microsoft Power Automate. This is another tool from Microsoft that can help you automate processes. You can create for example a workflow to tidy a room after use.

MS Bookings Security

Personal data is used in the MS Bookings booking system. To protect this personal data it is essential to take the right measures. Here are 4 tips to think about.

  • Make use of a processing register, this is an overview of information systems in which personal data are processed.
  • Make sure that the information does not remain in the systems for longer than necessary. That is why it is important to regularly clean up old bookings.
  • Involve the organisation’s privacy officer in implementations like this one.
  • Use Multi-factor authentication.

Tech-Wales – Implementing Microsoft Bookings

At Tech-Wales we are experts in MS Office 365 consultancy. We can provide you with you with essential support and advice when you want to set up Microsoft bookings for your business. Combined with our excellent business IT support we can provide your organisation with the complete package. Feel free to contact us to discuss.