Benefits of private AI within Azure cloud infrastructure

In the rapidly changing landscape of artificial intelligence (AI), many companies are looking for ways to leverage this technology in a secure and compliant manner. Private AI within an MS Azure environment offers a good solution for this. We explain to you the possibilities. We also share a number of practical examples with you.

Why private AI?

Private AI works with the data within your own Microsoft Azure cloud environment. This allows you to access your company data directly and use it smartly to support your business operations. Working with private AI makes it easier to secure data and comply with laws and regulations regarding data storage and processing. Moreover, you retain control over the algorithms. This can be important for protecting your intellectual property and privacy-sensitive data. Also you can fully tailor private AI to the wishes and (security) requirements of your organisation.

Implementing private AI and the Microsoft Azure cloud

Microsoft has invested heavily in artificial intelligence (AI) in recent years. A Microsoft Cloud environment, and Azure in particular, provides a solid foundation for realising your private AI initiatives. It adheres to strict data security and compliance standards. This is essential for every organisation.

In most cases, versatile services and components of Microsoft Azure are used to realise your private AI solution. Starting by safely storing your data in Azure or linking your existing data in Microsoft 365. Then the most suitable AI models for specific AI needs are selected. These models are then trained, optimised and finally deployed. Throughout this process, it is important to place a strong emphasis on securing your data through extensive encryption and applying a proven security baseline.

It is vital to thoroughly test the private AI solution. This ensures that the solution is not only technically solid, but also fits seamlessly with the workflows and needs of your organisation.

Benefits of private AI within Azure cloud infrastructure

Getting started with a private AI pilot

Our advice is to always start with a pilot. This way you can become acquainted with the possibilities and benefits of private AI in your Microsoft cloud environment in an accessible way. You can experiment with the possibilities on a small scale. A successful pilot contributes to creating support within your organization. It gives you valuable insights into the added value of AI for your organization. You learn what works and what doesn’t work. Based on these insights, you can decide to roll out private AI on a larger scale within your organization or first make a number of adjustments.

Private AI in practice: focus on HR

A very good first step to start with private AI is in the HR field. AI can provide valuable support for HR employees, especially when it comes to answering frequently asked questions or making information accessible. By deploying an AI-powered chatbot or virtual assistant, you can automate and speed up many of these processes. Here are some questions such an assistant can answer:

  • Parental leave: Am I entitled to parental leave and if so, how do I apply for this?
  • Pension: How is my pension arranged and what is my expected retirement age?
  • Salary: When will my salary be paid and how is my salary structured?
  • Reviews: When is my next performance review and how do I prepare for it?
  • Illness and absenteeism: What should I do if I am ill? How do I report sick?
  • Advancement and promotion: What are the steps for internal promotion within the organisation?
  • Company policy: What is the policy regarding working from home or flexible working hours?
  • Travel allowance: Am I eligible for a travel allowance and how do I apply for this?
  • Lease car: What are our lease categories?
  • Telephony: What does our telephone arrangement look like?
  • Laptops: What are our laptop regulations?

By answering these questions through AI, HR teams can spend their time more efficiently on more complex, people-centric tasks. This not only increases productivity, but also improves employee satisfaction through fast and accurate information provision.

Tech-Wales MS Azure Solutions and Private AI

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