Innovation with Microsoft PowerApps for SMBs

In the current climate it can be difficult to recruit developers for your organisation and developing an online platform can be a time-consuming task. Luckily low-code and no-code solutions have been emerging for several years now. Various mature and reliable solutions are currently available. Microsoft has also developed a low-code platform: the Power platform. With PowerApps you can develop applications for your small to medium sized organisation quickly without complicated code.

MS PowerApps low-code and no-code solutions explained

Previously a programmer would produce many lines of code to build an application. Now you can as a user use ready-made building blocks and link them together to build apps. You can independently set up a screen with form fields and save the input in an Excel sheet or database. With no-code solutions, this is possible without programming knowledge. You link building blocks together via a user interface and in this way build a simple application. This allows you to quickly build simple applications.

Low-code solutions are a bit more complicated but the applications can also be more advanced. You create an application based on models and a little bit of programming. The Microsoft Power platform is an example of a low-code solution.

What are low-code and no-code solutions used for?

Applications that are developed in low-code and no-code are most often used for internal business processes. It replaces applications that are normally registered in for example Excel sheets. A good example is a simple CRM system in which colleagues and teams work together.

Other PowerApps examples include:

  • Helpdesk and ticketing registration
  • Leave requests registration
  • Expenses
  • Budget monitoring projects
  • Call back requests registration
  • Barcode scanner with linked product information

Innovation with Microsoft PowerApps for MSBs

What does the Microsoft Power platform have to offer?

The Microsoft Power platform has developed and matured recently and is therefore becoming accessible to more and more organisations, including SMBs. You can now connect to hundreds of external applications. Do you perform recurring tasks within the organisation? Perhaps these can be easily converted to an automated solution.

The Power Platform consists of:

Power Platform can be supplemented with the Power BI reporting solution.

Microsoft also offers an application for Android and iOS with which the power apps can be opened by employees. This means that the PowerApps can be used anytime and anywhere and only by the right authorised persons.

Tech-Wales MS Power Platform

At Tech-Wales we have fully trained staff to develop applications using MS Power Platform for your business. Combined with our excellent business IT services and business IT support we provide the complete package for your business. Feel free to contact us to discuss.