Microsoft Office 365 Updates in July 2019

Microsoft has announced various updates to the latest version of Microsoft Office 365 in July 2019. Included are updates to MS To-Do, Microsoft Teams and MS Outlook. We will take you through some of the most interesting updates for these MS packages. It is important to keep your Microsoft packages updated at all times. Not only to have access to the latest features but also to have the latest security updates to keep your business IT safe and secure.

Updates for Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft have announced two important update to MS Outlook in July 2019. In combination with MS Quick Poll it is now easy to add polls to your Outlook emails. Quick Poll is available as an add-in to Microsoft Forms. The tool allows you to create real-time polls. These polls can now easily be added to an email. Recipients of the email can click on a link to open the poll and its questions in a new window.

Also it is now much easier to book a meeting room via MS Outlook. When a meeting is being created it is now easy to browse the rooms which are still available. MS Outlook also gives an option to search for a room by building and city. When the meeting room requires specific features like audio, video or a projector it is now easy to filter rooms on the required features or even capacity. There is also functionality to book multiple rooms and invite optional attendees.

Updates for Microsoft Teams

For July 2019 Microsoft have announced new functionality in four areas which makes it easier for users to communicate and work together.

There are two new features which helps to make sure that important messages are being received. With priority notifications recipients will be alerted of time critical messages. MS Teams will ping the recipient every two minutes on mobile or desktop until a response is received. With read receipts an icon will indicate when a sent message has been read by the person who received the message.

Also some features have been added to manage communications. With announcements important news can be highlighted in a channel and can be the start for a new project or welcome new users. Channel cross posting is a new feature which allows you to post a single message in multiple channels. Channel moderation enables moderators to manage what is being posted in a channel and if that post can accept replies.

It has also been made easier for workers to manage their schedules and receive updates. The time clock feature enables workers to clock in and out of their shifts from the Teams mobile app. Managers can check if the workers are in the correct location at the correct time. Targeted communication allows team members to message everyone in a certain role.

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Microsoft Office 365 Updates in July 2019

Updates for Microsoft To-Do

Microsoft have also made improvements on MS To-Do. It is now possible to assign task(s) to someone on a shared To-Do list. This enables to work together and complete the tasks more efficient and quicker.

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