Datto Backup and Disaster Recovery

Your business IT system and data stored on this network is facing threats on a daily basis. These threats include fire, hacker attacks, hardware corruption and failure, viruses, ransomware and other malicious activity but also accidental deletions. Should you fall victim to any of these threats it is important to have your data backup but it is just as important to have your backed up data and documents recovered as quickly as possible to resume day to day business activity. Datto backup systems are designed to have your data protected but also prevents costly downtime and will have all your documents and data recovered quickly. At Tech-Wales we are a Datto partner and we can install and maintain your Datto backup and disaster recovery system for peace of mind.

Datto Data Recovery and Disaster Recovery

How does Datto backup and disaster recovery work?

Datto takes a so called image based backups of the entire system at regular intervals. These backups are creating a series of independent recovery points. A backup image includes backup of your operating system, bespoke software and files and stores this locally on the Datto device. But this is not all. The Datto device also stores this backup image on the Datto cloud for extra security. In the event of any computer failure malicious or accidental Datto’s Instant¬† Virtualization technology enables your businesses to resume operations locally from the device or in the Datto cloud while your system is being restored.

Why does your business need Datto backup and disaster recovery?

Datto backup and disaster recovery is made to ensure your business can keep going in the event of data loss or computer corruption. Even if your company falls victim to ransomware Datto can make sure your business is quickly back up and running again. With Datto any downtime will be limited to a minimum.

Computer downtime can be extremely costly even for a small business. Datto will not only save you these loss of earnings but will also ensure your valuable documents are safe. Datto will also ensure that your bespoke expensive software is protected and will be back up and running quickly after any disaster.

At Tech-Wales we are experts in business data recovery and business backup solutions. As a Datto Partner we can install and maintain your Datto backup and disaster recovery system for your peace of mind. We can install Datto backup & recovery for any size business from small to large.

Do not take a chance with your valuable business IT system, data and expensive software and contact us today to for an initial consultation to have your own Datto backup and recovery system installed.