New features for hybrid workers in MS Teams

In the past year, Microsoft has introduced more than 450 features in Microsoft Teams to help people work synchronously and asynchronously in hybrid and remote work environments. In July, the company announced more features to enhance its AI-powered hybrid work experience. We give you an overview of the latest new features for hybrid workers in MS Teams.

New features in MS Teams

MS Teams will introduce the functionality to add a personal video clip. A participant collaborating in a project can use this new feature to update other group members in a chat via a short video message in the chat. This attracts more attention than plain text. Microsoft announced this innovation during the Inspire 2022 partner conference. The aim of this feature is to improve collaboration for hybrid workers. The new video feature will be previewed next month. The general rollout will start in September.

More and more possibilities for collaboration are being built into Teams. Soon all team members will be able to edit spreadsheet workbooks through Excel Live in virtual meetings. Anyone can access a workbook with one click. Editing can be done in real time, directly within the meeting itself. Excel Live also supports sheet views. Anyone who edits the workbook (together) can sort or filter without disturbing others.

Also new are Collaborative Annotations. Once activated, all call participants are able to immediately annotate on split screens. They can draw, type, or comment on the content shared during the meeting. Microsoft Whiteboard includes an extensive toolset that makes this possible. Using these tools should lead to more lively discussions about what is being shared.

New features for hybrid workers in MS Teams

Shared channels in MS Teams

Furthermore, MS Teams is made more suitable for collaboration in groups that also include consultants, suppliers and other external partners. Teams Connect will soon be getting “shared channels” where multiple organisations can have conversations, schedule meetings, share files, and co-author. This is all possible from one shared space. App developers can build apps for these shared channels. Until now, people from outside the company could join in via individual chats or phone calls, but their options were limited.

Together with Jabra, Logitech, Poly and Yealink, Microsoft is also working on a new generation of AI-powered intelligent cameras. Remote participants will soon be able to see each person in the room better. This will make them feel even closer to the people in the room.

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