New trends in cloud, data centers and edge infrastructure

There are always new trends in ICT. Especially in the cloud technology trends keep following quickly. We provide you with the latest new trends in cloud, data centers and edge infrastructure.

Cloud teams will optimise and restructure their infrastructure

Cloud use is now almost universal, but it is still too often used hastily and ad hoc. Infrastructure and operations teams have an opportunity this year to strengthen and make rickety cloud infrastructure more efficient.

The main reason for those restructurings is financial. Cloud usage must become more cost-effective. Unnecessary and poorly built cloud must be removed. The infrastructure is best used to address problems in the production chain and to modernise organisations.

App developers are going to demand new forms of infrastructure

Infrastructure and operations teams are constantly faced with challenges to meet the demand for new types of infrastructure: edge infrastructure for data-intensive work, non-86x infrastructure for very specific tasks, serverless edge infrastructure or 5G service.

It is important for infrastructure and operations teams to carefully evaluate alternatives. With a focus on the ability to manage, integrate and transform them in a limited time frame and with limited resources.

New trends in cloud, data centers and edge infrastructure

Data centers will use their own cloud principles

Data centers are shrinking and moving to multi-user provider platforms. Combined with new service models for the physical infrastructures, this can create cloud-like on-site models; both economically and service oriented.

According to Gartner, data centers will be monitored much more from a cloud base in the near future. Infrastructure and operations teams this year need to focus on cloud architecture within the data centers to move operations from on-premises facilities to those with multiple users or to the edge. Another option is to embrace physical infrastructure as an as-a-service model.

Successful organisations will prioritise skills growth

A lack of skills remains the biggest barrier when it comes to modernisation initiatives. Many organisations fail to attract the necessary talent. IT companies can’t succeed if they don’t prioritise hiring staff with the skills they’re looking for.

Managers of infrastructure and operations teams should make growing their own organization’s talent pool their number one goal. Team members should also be encouraged to take on different roles within developer and more corporate teams.

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