Microsoft Teams Room Licensing Changes July 2023

Microsoft has announced changes to the licenses for Teams Rooms and the use of Teams Room systems from July 2023. All Teams Rooms must have a Teams Rooms Basic or Pro license from July 2023. If you do not do this, you will no longer be able to log in to the Teams Rooms meeting devices.

Butt what exactly is Microsoft Teams Rooms and what has changed since September 2022?

About Microsoft Teams Rooms

Microsoft Teams Rooms is the step between ‘live’ and online. It is a meeting room solution that connects people in the hybrid workplace, so that effective and hybrid collaboration can take place.

Microsoft Teams Rooms is suitable for small, medium and large meeting rooms. You can set up any meeting room, small or large, as a Microsoft Teams Room. The aim is that you can optimally facilitate online meetings and optimally combine them with physical attendees. For example, a Microsoft Teams Room is standard equipped with a presentation screen, camera and sound bar for good image and sound. After all, it is important that everyone’s contribution in a meeting can be followed. The convenience of a Microsoft Teams Room lies in its simple operation. No laptop is required. You can participate in online meetings with one click via a touch screen console.

Microsoft Teams Room Licensing Changes July 2023

The changes in Microsoft Teams Rooms

Last year, Microsoft started implementing changes in a number of phases:

In September 2022, the Teams Rooms Standard and Premium versions were replaced by two new versions:

  • Team Rooms Basic
  • Teams Rooms Pro

As of July 2023, all Teams Rooms (meeting rooms) must have a Teams Rooms license. A user license will no longer work as of July 2023.
If you do not convert your licenses to a Basic or Pro license, you will no longer be able to log in to the Teams Rooms meeting devices.

As of September 2022, Microsoft has changed the way Microsoft Teams Rooms licenses. Where you used to have a Standard and Premium license, these have now been adjusted to the Basic and Pro options.

The new situation as of September 2022

Microsoft Teams Rooms Basic is available for organisations that need just one or a few meeting room devices, including basic conferencing and live video and content sharing.

Microsoft Teams Rooms Pro is the most comprehensive solution of Teams Rooms. This license is ideal for medium to larger meeting rooms and boardrooms that also require advanced meeting options. The added features provide more flexibility and customization options for your meeting environment.

This license also offers intelligent audio and video for optimal hybrid meetings. Handy features such as ‘front row’, large ‘galleries’, combinations with ‘room panels’, support for double screens are included in this, for example. As well as advanced management functions, such as remote device management.

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