Working faster with the cloud

Is your business IT is slowing down your processes? It can happen, while speed is nowadays a condition to remain competitive. For example, customers expect faster answers and employees stay involved longer if they can work together in a modern way, quickly and efficiently. Will you work faster when you are using the cloud?

There are more than enough reasons why your business will work faster when you are using the cloud. We will provide you with reasons why your business processes will be slower when you are not using cloud computing.

Overall delay due to a hacking attack

Think of companies that continue to work with on-premises servers, where the IT manager is less able to cope with increasingly smart cyber criminals in terms of technical knowledge. The worst slowdown is when the entire business comes to a temporary or prolonged standstill. The cloud, on the other hand, keeps the organisation in motion preventively and proactively, because necessary software updates are performed by experienced parties, such as Microsoft, in combination with Tech-Wales cloud support and management.

Delays due to lengthy detective work

In the past saving everything to a local server was sufficient. Employees could access their necessary information, otherwise you just walked over to someone. But since employees work at home and on the road, it has become a quest to work without a cloud. Company and customer information also runs the risk of being stored in all kinds of digital folders that are inaccessible to others. The advantage of cloud? With a modern digital workplace and solutions such as SharePoint, everyone can quickly and securely access all the necessary information. This is because it is stored in a central environment, which can be reached from anywhere with a secure internet connection, supplemented with multi-factor authentication (MFA). And of course only for someone who is authorised to do so.

Working faster with the cloud

Delays on the network

Organisations that do not use the cloud have an IT infrastructure that is less flexible and built on working from home or working flexible. This is certainly the case if several colleagues want to use the company network at the same time via VPN. Why do you maintain speed with cloud? The scaling of network capacity can be done quickly and easily by yourself remotely or automatically based on the auto-scaling techniques.

Delays due to unexpected costs

A delay can also mean that there are limitations in company network capacity and unexpected costs. IT expenses can account for a significant proportion, sometimes up to 20% of total operating costs. Organisations that embrace cloud less are more likely to be confronted with replacement or adjustments to their infrastructure. Long (er) delivery times are also involved when it comes to new hardware. The extra charges? These include extra firewalls, new servers and increasing IT management.

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