What can Power Virtual Agent do for your business

Most of us know or have used the chatbots that act as the digital customer service on a large number of websites. A chatbot enables you to easily ask a question about the delivery time of a product or when we have a complaint. The chatbots answer simple questions but also often cause frustration for consumers when questions remain unanswered. To prevent situations like this, Microsoft has created a new application, Power Virtual Agent. We will explain what Microsoft Power Virtual Agent is and what this chatbot can do for your business.

Power Virtual Agent part of Power Platform

Microsoft launched the Power Virtual Agent tool as the most recent addition of MS Power Platform. Power Virtual agent is a powerful chatbot application and more functionality than normal chatbots. The biggest difference compared to a simple chatbot is that Power Virtual Agent can easily be linked to your Power Automate account. During a conversation with the chatbot a flow with certain triggers is activated. This ensures that the functionality of the chatbot is taken to a completely different level.

Who can use Power Virtual Agent

As with the other Power Platforms (Power Automate, Power BI and Power Apps), this tool is also a no-code/low-code solution. This means that the application should enable anyone to develop a chatbot without having to write code. Also a visible effort has been made to develop a user interface that is as intuitive as possible. Power Virtual Agent has also prepared a number of user lessons for every new user.

From the moment you sign up for the tool or start a free trial, there are four lessons on how to use the application. These lessons will guide you through the various options and possibilities so that you can make optimal use of all the functionalities of the application. We can therefore conclude that Microsoft is doing everything it can to make its products understandable and clear for everyone.

What can Power Virtual Agent do for your business

Power Virtual Agent functionality & usability

Microsoft Power Virtual Agent is the excellent solution to create a smart customer service robot. The chatbot not only answers the customer’s most frequently asked questions but can also initiate a number of actions. For example, the chatbot can help your customer make the right choice from the range based on a number of selection questions that are presented as buttons. Another example is a help function when the virtual agent can’t provide an answer. When this happens the chatbot knows that help from a human is required and the chatbot will, based on the conversation with the customer, contact the correct agent.

For larger organisations it can be useful to use a chatbot for HR subjects. The Power Virtual Agent can help your employees answer practical questions about payments or contracts. The chatbot can also do a number of other tasks, such as applying for and registering annual leave.

Where can Power Virtual Agent be integrated

The Power Virtual Agent can be integrated on different platforms. The tool can be integrated with Microsoft Teams, which is mainly useful for internal use. However the chatbot can also be linked to other Office 365 applications.

For external use, the Power Virtual Agent can be used on a business website, applications or social media channels such as Facebook Messenger. The performance of the chatbot can be monitored in a dashboard, providing an insight into the number of conversations, the number of positive conversations and the most requested topics.

Power Virtual Agent is a very complete application that can realise a significant time saving in the short term that can actually help customers and employees.

Tech-Wales Power Virtual Agent

At Tech-Wales we can integrate and develop Power Virtual Agent for your business. We can develop tailor made business applications for your business to help your organisation move forward. Combined with our excellent business IT services and business IT support we provide the complete package for your business. Feel free to contact us to discuss.