Get more from your SharePoint Environment

Most people know SharePoint as a convenient storage location for files. By saving files in SharePoint you can always and everywhere access the files of your team or department. You can open files and edit them together at the same time. However SharePoint is more than a convenient storage location for files. In this blog we will therefore tell you what else you can use SharePoint for.

What is SharePoint

Let’s start at the beginning. What exactly is SharePoint? SharePoint is an application for storing and sharing content within an organisation. You can think of files, but also news items, events, lists or shortcuts. The application has been around since 2001 and has grown over the years to become an indispensable platform in many organisations.

In SharePoint you can create different sites for groups of people who work together on certain content. For example, you can create sites for the department or project teams within your organisation. Granting rights to a SharePoint site gives people access to all content in that site. In addition, you have the option of granting certain people “edit” rights, while other people receive “read-only” rights. Then the people with rights to the site can easily collaborate on content.

Save and edit files together in MS SharePoint

As mentioned, most people know SharePoint as a convenient storage location for files. This has also been one of the most important functions of SharePoint for years. When you create a SharePoint site, you get a standard document library where you can upload and create files together. All people who have access to the site can open and edit the same files at the same time. SharePoint has a number of Document Management features that allow you to collaborate efficiently on files.

Get more from your SharePoint Environment

Build a landing page, intranet or knowledge base

In addition, you can easily build a landing page, intranet or internal knowledge base with MS SharePoint. With SharePoint communication sites you can easily and quickly share information with (specific people within) the organisation. You can use this, for example, to introduce new employees, communicate about internal events or make Office templates available for Word and PowerPoint.

The SharePoint mobile application ensures that you can also open your landing page, intranet or internal knowledge base on your smartphone or tablet. By default, you have all kinds of web parts that you can use to make your pages visually attractive and strong in content:

  • Text, image or videos
  • News items
  • Events
  • Shortcuts
  • People
  • Call to action
  • List
  • Countdown timer
  • Organization chart
  • Weather forecast or world clock

Share information with your (project) team or department

You can also use the above web parts on the SharePoint sites for your (project) teams or departments. You can therefore share more information on SharePoint than just the files that belong to a certain project or department. For example, you can:

  • Show which people work in the project team or in the department
  • Which person you can contact for which tasks/information
  • View the project plan and associated project schedule
  • Add shortcuts to (external web) sites that are useful for performing the work

By placing all information associated with a project or department centrally on one SharePoint site, everyone always has all the current information at hand. If you also link these SharePoint sites to a landing page or intranet, you can easily click through from general company information to specific (project) information and back again.

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