Microsoft Office 365 Advantages

You have probably heard about Microsoft Office 365. But is Microsoft Office 365 the solution for your business? It probably is. Microsoft Office 365 can make your employees work together in a more efficient way. Below we give you the most important advantages of Microsoft Office 365.

Microsoft Office 365 is cheaper

In order to use Microsoft Office 365 it is no longer required to buy separate licences for the legal use of Microsoft Office 365. Also you do not have to invest heavily in servers and an expensive IT infrastructure as your documents are stored in the cloud. In addition to this you do not need to employ a system administrator or an expensive maintenance contract. This makes Microsoft Office 365 an inexpensive solution for almost every company or organisation.

Advantages of Microsoft Office 365

Microsoft Office 365 a flexible solution

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud solution for which you pay a subscription fee per user per month. This gives you the flexibility to add and remove users quite easily. This can be very useful for example when you have temporary employees in your organisation or when someone leaves the company. You only pay for what you use instead of paying for expensive licenses.

Always the latest version

After getting your Office 365 subscription your organisation will always have the latest version of all Office 365 software like Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Outlook. Even when new versions are made available you don’t have to purchase a new licence. If Microsoft adds functionalities or implements updates this will happen automatically.

Access everywhere with every device

Because Microsoft Office 365 is cloud based you can always use your Microsoft Office 365 packages and documents at any given place or any time. This will give you and your company great flexibility. Microsoft Office 365 can be accessed from all sorts of devices like laptops, tablets or even your mobile phone! Office 365 in combination with a cloud service gives your company the flexibility your require. Also your documents are always available to you and your staff.


Office 365 is using state of the art security solutions to keep your sensitive documents safe. Instead of employing a computer security expert for your IT infrastructure Microsoft will always ensure you are well protected. And with automatic updates you will always have the latest secure version of Office 365.

Tech-Wales Microsoft Office 365 Solutions

At Tech-Wales we have an expert team to set your company up with Microsoft Office 365. We can also integrate existing software with Microsoft Office 365. We can even develop an application to make Office 365 tailor made for your company. Have a look at our Microsoft Office 365 business services. Start saving money today and call us now on 01639 326001 to discuss.