Prepare your business for the BT switch off

BT have announced they are planning to switch off their PSTN and ISDN phone lines. This basically means that the traditional landline as we have known for a long time will cease to exist. The BT switch off is already underway and the aim is to complete this project by 2025. So what does this mean for your business and how can you prepare your business for the BT switch off.

What is PSTN and ISDN

The Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) is the traditional copper wire telephone system, originally set up for analogue voice communication. It’s been in place since the late 1800s and although it’s been maintained and updated over the years, the technology underpinning it has essentially remained the same since its conception.

Back in the late 80s, Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) was the hot new successor to the analogue PSTN system and was born out the need for a more stable, secure connection for long-distance calling. It’s a digital version of a traditional telephone line, allowing for the transfer of voice and data simultaneously over PSTN copper wires.

More modern telecom solutions VoIP and SIP

Due to the rise of fast fibre internet for businesses VoIP and SIP have become more popular these days. This is exactly the reason why BT is going to switch of PSTN and ISDN.

SIP vs VoIP is not a straightforward comparison. While VoIP is a term which may be used to describe any internet-based telecommunications system, SIP is a specific type of VoIP deployment. VoIP is a broad term which refers to any call made over the internet rather than over a standard phone line.

Prepare your business for the BT switch off

How to prepare your business for the BT switch off

It is important that you prepare your business as soon as possible for the BT switch off. If you do not prepare for this you could face a situation where clients cannot contact you via phone and your employees cannot do their work properly. This could mean that you will loose potential new opportunities. either way if your not prepared for the BT switch off this will cost your business money.

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