Most important cyber security trends for 2022

Anticipating problems is better than reacting. This is completely applicable in the IT industry. Especially because of all the rapid developments. That is why it is important to be aware of what the latest trends and dangers are relating to cyber security. In the past year we have seen many news stories about cyber criminals and major hacks. However what will 2022 bring us on the cybersecurity front? Tech-Wales will give you an overview of the most important cyber security trends for 2022.

Law how to deal with ransomware payments

In 2021 there are still hardly any law and legislation regarding negotiating with criminals and paying ransoms. In 2022 more countries will introduce rules to prevent the payment of ransoms to cyber criminals. It is possible that fines may soon be imposed if companies start negotiating with malicious parties or hackers. These rules are intended to ensure that ransomware attacks will be much less lucrative and that the most important motive for the hackers will disappear. New law and legislation should help prevent hacks in the future.

Increase in supply chain attacks

In 2022 ransomware attacks on corporate supply chains will continue to increase. Hackers will use supply chain attacks to intrude further and further into the company, eventually disrupting the supply chain. Despite the fact that large companies often feel reasonably protected, in practice they are often not. More businesses are predicted to be crippled by cyber-attacks by 2022. There is a good chance that a large business will be attacked within a reasonably short term. So ensuring a strong IT security strategy is vital for your business.

Predicted more revenue for cyber criminals

Hackers have and always will find new ways to generate revenue. Setting up a major attack costs cybercriminals a lot of time and requires a tight schedule. In between these attacks, hacker groups also want to generate income. In doing so, they like to respond to relevant issues, such as the chip shortage. They then pretend to be a producer and send fake invoices to companies that are desperate for these chips. The moment companies accept this and pay the invoices, they have lost their money. These types of fraud and scams by cybercriminals are expected to increase further in 2022. As long as global deficits continue to rise, the opportunities for cybercrime will also continue to grow.

Cyber security trends for 2022

Tighter cyber insurance requirements

Due to the increase in the number of incidents, cyber insurers are under a lot of pressure. These insurers are partly losing their revenue model. That is why many of these insurers are going to draw up strict rules. That is why as an organisation you will have to do more about your cyber security. Just as you would lock the back door when you leave the house you also need to make sure your business is well protected against hackers. Always make sure you have high quality cyber security installed in your business and meet the requirements as set in your insurance policy. Also orientate yourself on the possibilities of cybersecurity insurance through your insurance adviser.

Scarcity of cyber security knowledge

In 2021 it has already become apparent that there is a huge shortage of IT staff. At the end of 2021, a situation has arisen where the number of vacancies is higher than the number of applicants. It is therefore very difficult to attract suitable IT staff, especially in specific sectors. Professionally trained IT employees are very scarce. As a result, companies can grow less quickly and important IT innovations will fall behind schedule. This negative trend is forecast to continue into 2022. The solution is to team up with a partner who will take care of this issue for you. At Tech-Wales we can provide quality cyber security services to keep your business safe.

Greater role for AI

AI (artificial intelligence) will increasingly be used for cyber security by 2022. By placing AI in business systems as a self-learning piece of software, it should detect irregularities more quickly. This creates an overview of internal threats and an important additional control system is in place. This trend will continue to grow in the IT sector in the coming years and will positively impact cyber security.

Tech-Wales Cyber Security

As stated it is more and more difficult to find qualified staff. Tech-Wales can be your IT partner to provide your business with all the IT expertise including cyber security. We also provide fast and reliable business IT consultancy and cloud computing services to provide the complete IT package for your business. Do not hesitate and contact us today to discuss.