Microsoft Teams – Group Chat Service

Microsoft Teams is a new chat service from Microsoft which is integrated with Office 365. MS Teams enables you and your teams to collaborate online in an easy and efficient manner. MS Teams will be enable you to communicate with your team(s) from different locations using laptops, tablets or mobile phones.

Microsoft Teams is similar to Skype for business and Slack. MS Teams comes as part of the Office 365 package but is also available as a stand alone product. But what sets MS Teams apart from its competitors?

Microsoft Teams Core Functions

MS Teams is a chat based work space for group chat and private messaging. With MS teams you can also make a video call, conference call and online meetings.

For teamwork collaboration you can set up a team. This is quite easy to do by giving the team a name and description. Team members can be added from there. A new team comes with matching Office 365 group, OneNote notebook and Sharepoint online site, exchange online shared mailbox and calendar and Planner.

When a team is created subsections called Channels can be created. Multiple Channels can be created per team. This enables to create channels for a certain project or team work flows like marketing or web development. However the Team can also be the company and the Channels can be the departments within a company. MS Teams allows you to structure the online working and collaboration.

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Microsoft Teams - Group Chat Service

MS Teams Tools

We already mentioned channels which are a great tool as each channel is dedicated to a specific topic, department or project.

Chats occur in the channels however MS Teams also has the functionality of tabs. Tabs allow you to integrate tools, files and services into your chat or channel. Tabs are visible at the top of the screen and are integrated into the chat so every member has easy access to the tabs.

Unlike tabs Connectors allow you to connect to to third party software and allow its content into a specific channel. Examples of popular Connectors are Trello, GitHub, news apps and Twitter.

Another feature of Microsoft Teams is the ability to communicate with Bots. Bots allow you to interact with and obtain information from software or a website in a text, search or conversational manner.

Microsoft Teams also has a mobile app making it easy to use on your mobile from any location at any time.

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