Intel announces 11th generation of Core processors

Intel tonight unveiled the new eleventh generation Core processors for thin and light laptops. The new processors are faster and more energy efficient than their predecessors, but are mainly notable for the stronger GPU with which, according to Intel, gaming on thin laptops is possible.

New era of processors

Intel is ushering in a new era of laptop performance with the introduction of its next-generation mobile PC processors and the evolution of a broad partner ecosystem that is driving the mobile PC industry strongly. The new 11th Gen Intel Core processors with Intel Iris Xe graphics (codenamed Tiger Lake) are the world’s best processors for thin and light laptops, offering unparalleled productivity, collaboration, creation, gaming and entertainment capabilities for Windows and ChromeOS laptops.

The 11th Gen Intel Core processors use Intel’s new SuperFin process technology. They offer optimized energy-efficient and powerful performance and responsiveness, reaching significantly higher frequencies compared to previous generations. More than 150 designs are expected with these processors from partners such as Acer, Asus, Dell, Dynabook, HP, Lenovo, LG, MSI, Razer, Samsung and more.

Intel also introduced the Intel Evo platform for laptop designs verified against the second edition specifications and KEIs of the Project Athena innovation program. Based on 11th Gen Intel Core processors with Intel Iris Xe graphics, Intel Evo certified devices have been verified as the best laptops for their tasks. More than 20 verified designs are expected to be released this year.

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Intel announces 11th generation of Core processors


Super fast processing on thin laptops

The new processors are not only faster and more energy efficient, they also feature a new integrated GPU based on Intel’s XE architecture, which Intel calls the Iris X Graphics. These GPUs are, according to Intel, twice as fast as the Iris Plus GPUs that are processed in the tenth generation Core processors. This should make it possible to play relatively modern games in 1080p without extra GPU. Intel showed demos in which the GPU in one of their new processors outperforms the GPU in an AMD Ryzen 7 4800U and an Nvidia MX 350 GPU.

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