Microsoft OneDrive New Design and AI Copilot

Microsoft OneDrive has now a new design and AI Copilot. Microsoft has released a completely refreshed OneDrive web environment with many exciting new features and improvements.

To make life easier for all users, Microsoft has implemented numerous innovations to OneDrive for Business. At the same time, Microsoft has announced many new features that are expected in the near future. The most important thing to know is that all innovations are implemented within the web interface. The OneDrive desktop app remains unchanged.

The web interface gets a completely new design with a clear segment at the top with “For you” files selected by the AI. Other new features include segments around meetings where you can find files from meetings and a clear location with all shared documents.

You can now also conveniently filter by people within the organisation. Ideal when you no longer remember the file name, but you do know who you shared it with.

New features for MS OneDrive later this year

All the above features are available in the current MS OneDrive web interfeace. Microsoft has many ambitious plans for OneDrive in the near future.

The most important future update is the ability to automatically open files from the web interface with a desktop application, such as a PDF or CAD file. Currently this is already possible with Word, PowerPoint or Excel, but Microsoft is now extending this function to all applications.

The updated interface will soon be available in Teams and Outlook. This makes it easier to navigate through files within both applications, without having to look up the web interface separately.

Offline file access will soon also be compatible with the web interface. From early 2024, you can launch OneDrive in your browser and view, sort, rename, move, copy and delete files without internet access.

Also announced by MS is the functionality to create new files directly and start with a blank page or with the numerous available templates. This function and the new media display with much more interactivity will be available from the summer of 2024.

Microsoft OneDrive New Design and AI Copilot

Microsoft Copilot AI

From December 2023 organisations with a Microsoft Copilot license can also use the AI tool in OneDrive. The chatbot can help you answer questions about one file or provide a summary of a document. Copilot looks beyond boundaries within OneDrive, SharePoint or Teams to collect data within the organisation.

Microsoft also looks further into the future by integrating Copilot AI even further. For example you can ask Copilot to show all files shared with you in the past week regarding a certain project. Once Copilot has helped you find the relevant files, it will understand that you might benefit from adding them to a new folder.

Copilot will then add these files to the new folder and recommend other files related to your project that were not part of your original search. This way you can add them to your newly created folder. What started as a simple natural language search has now resulted in your personal project knowledge library.

It is not yet known when this advanced Copilot AI function will be available within OneDrive.

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