Tech-Wales Twitter Mahem! @Tech_Wales @964TheWave #WorkplaceChallenge

Well it’s day three of The Wave’s Workplace Challenge against Aarticts Driver Training and we weren’t helped yesterday by a dodgy handsfree phone. At the end of day one we were level pegging at 6 point a piece. Yesterday though we got stuck on a spiderman question (excuse the pun) which cost us one point – we also had to fight for another point but after listening back to the recording Phil Hoyles gave us the extra point and we were up to 4. Aarticts did better in the afternoon scoring 5 so at the moment it’s 10 points to Tech-Wales and 11 points to Aarticts.

Although all of this is nothing compared to the banter that’s been going on between the teams online with Twitter! Follow us@Tech_Wales and @Aarticts and of course @964TheWave.

Don’t forget we’re back today at 11.15 on 96.4 The Wave. You can also listen online via the wave website or The Wave mobile app for iPhone/Android. Windows Phone users can use the “Tune In” app and search for The Wave.