Charging iPhone wireless & battery life

Telecom technique and in particular mobile phone technology is improving and developing at an amazing pace. This is an excellent development as a consumer and also for your business. One of these developments is that it is now possible charging your iPhone wireless. However what are the effects on your battery and its life expectancy?

Wireless charging is possible if you have an iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus or an iPhone X. You can then place the phone on a wireless charger with no need for a cable. This can be very useful as you always have a full battery even if you forgot your charging cable. Simply place the wireless charger on your desk and place your iPhone on the charger. This will ensure that your phone is charged at all times.

How does wireless charging work?

A wireless charger works through electromagnetic fields. There is a coil in the wireless charger itself which converts energy into electromagnetic fields. The iPhone itself also has a coil that converts the electromagnetic fields into energy. This allows your iPhone to be charged. These features are also optional in certain cars and can be very handy to effortless charge up your iPhone.

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Charging iPhone wireless & battery life

Possible issues with wireless charging

Besides all the advantages of charging your iPhone wireless it also has a number of disadvantages. The Lithium cells in batteries don’t like high temperatures. Every time you charge your iPhone the temperature in your device will rise. When you charge your iPhone wireless the temperature will increase even more. This can shorten the life expectancy of your battery. As it is very convenient to charge your iPhone you will charge your iPhone more which will decrease life span of the battery as well. It will always be a matter of weighing up the costs of changing your battery sooner to the convenience of charging your battery wireless.

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