Why use MS Teams

Microsoft Teams is a workspace with integrated chat functionality in Microsoft 365 (formerly known as Office 365). This service makes it possible to collaborate even more efficiently in teams and projects. But why would you use Microsoft Teams and not Yammer, Slack, Skype for Business or Office 365 Groups? This is because Teams brings together the best of these services.

Is MS Teams just another chat application?

No MS Teams is much more than a chat application. Microsoft Teams actually combines the best of Yammer, Skype for Business and Office 365 Groups. MS Teams is a  communication and collaboration platform ideal for businesses where several people work in teams and projects. Microsoft Teams can be used internal and external by inviting your customers and suppliers. When a new project starts you got the option to create a channel – based on workflows or topics – in Teams with the name of the project.

All communication can be done in that channel. This includes sharing files, chat, hold video conferences or calls, share links, work together (simultaneously) on files (without problems with different versions) and add modules or apps. This way, all communication around a project is clearly arranged together. In addition, Teams offers the possibility to create multiple communication channels per team or project group.

Work together anywhere and anytime

Thanks to the integration with Microsoft 365, MS Teams works ideally with Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Yammer, SharePoint and Skype for Business. Because Teams is searchable, you can find conversations and shared files quickly and easily. Microsoft Teams works on both a desktop and mobile devices. So you can work together anytime, anywhere, so you always know what’s going on within the project.

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Why use MS Teams

External access to MS Teams

Where Teams was initially a platform for collaboration within your organisation, thanks to the added GuestAccess it is now also possible to give external parties access to a Team. Make sure to also read How to safely use MS Teams guest access. This external access to MS Teams is ideal to use with MS SharePoint. You can set up SharePoint environments for your customers. In SharePoint you can easily share files with external parties, with partners or within your own team, but there is a lack of communication. For example if something is wrong you still have to fall back on the email or the old fashioned phone call. Microsoft Teams solves that problem. You add a message to the relevant channel and all added parties see your message immediately. With MS Teams you take efficient collaboration to a higher level.

Possibility to tailor every team and channel

Microsoft Teams offers the possibility to tailor not only every team but also every channel and link it with different applications. Think of other Microsoft 365 apps but also external apps such as MailChimp, YouTube and Trello. Microsoft Teams fits perfectly with every need of the different teams within your business.

Work safe with MS Teams

Microsoft Teams meets strict conditions to ensure safe working. It offers the security and compliance features that you as a company expect from Microsoft 365. Data is always encrypted, both during storage and during transmission. Also multi-factor authentication (multiple authentication when logging in) is used for optimal security.

Tech-Wales Office 365 Consultancy

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