Microsoft 365 update from MS Ignite 2022

During MS Ignite 2022 lots of new features have been announced for MS 365. We give you an overview of the most important Microsoft 365 updates from MS Ignite 2022. We already have discussed some items briefly in previous blogs however we did want to give you an overview of the most important announcements.

Microsoft Places

Microsoft will release a new app for Microsoft 365 in 2023 to support hybrid working. This app is called Microsoft Places. It supports your business using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to further optimise hybrid working by connecting virtual and physical spaces with the Connected Workplace feature. The app also provides suggestions to employees, such as the best times to come to the office and the best times to schedule meetings. The app contains specific options for employees, employers and administrators.

New features Microsoft Viva

What is Microsoft Viva? Microsoft Viva is Microsoft’s Employee Experience Platform. It offers extensive support for hybrid working. The platform is fully integrated with Microsoft 365. It consists of six modules. New features have been announced for the various modules:

  • Viva Insights is being expanded with effectiveness studies for meetings, time suggestions for sending chats in Teams, new possibilities for focus and silence moments.
  • Viva Learning is extended with learning paths, learning collections and permissions. The Viva Learning mobile app is also being expanded with a new start page, notifications, complete learning courses and search and filter options.
  • Viva Engage is being expanded with stories (now in preview). It allows you to share short videos and photo collections.
  • Viva Goals will be expanded with additional integration options, including Microsoft Teams.
  • Viva Topics is being expanded with new possibilities to discover the available knowledge in Microsoft 365 even better. Viva Topics is also seamlessly integrated with Microsoft Planner and Microsoft Project.

Microsoft 365 update from MS Ignite 2022

New options in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft has announced a host of new functionality for Microsoft Teams.

  • Cameo: with this function it is possible to integrate your Teams camera feed into your PowerPoint presentation.
  • Excel Live: with this function you can work together in real time in Excel documents during a meeting.
  • Together mode: this feature is extended with the option to allocate seats to participants in a meeting.
  • Teams channels: The layout of the channels (including the shared channels) will be adjusted and new options will be added.
  • Teams chat: the possibilities of the chat are expanded with more than 800 emojis.

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