Microsoft Viva Engage is now available

Microsoft Viva Engage is now generally available for your business. MS Viva Engage, which has been built on the by MS acquired Yammer, is intended to give employees more communication options, allowing employees to connect with their company.

According to the Microsoft, Viva Engage is a social app for digital communities and conversations. Teams and employees should be able to further improve their best qualities, make themselves heard and feel that they are an important part of the company.

In addition to building communities, employees can also build professional networks where they can share their ideas about work and other perspectives. Employees will have features such as a storyline and stories, Best Answers, @mentions and topics at their disposal.

Microsoft Viva Engage is now available

MS Viva Engage is also for managers

Managers can use the platform to spread their message among employees and actively involve employees. In addition to sharing news and information about a strategy, they can also actively interfere in conversations. They can share this information via the platform in virtual events, pinned conversations and announcements with notifications that can be distributed via MS Teams, Outlook and Viva Connections.

MS Viva Engage Technologie

The app uses various functionality from the Communities app for MS Teams and Microsoft 365. MS Viva Engage is also built on the technology of the acquired communication platform Yammer. Microsoft Viva Engage is available now for your organisation.

Tech-Wales – Implementing MS Viva Engage

At Tech-Wales we can provide you with you with essential support and advice when you want to set up MS Viva Engage for your business. Combined with our excellent business IT support and Business IT Consultancy Services we can provide your organisation with the complete package. Feel free to contact us to discuss.