Use Microsoft 365 to help protect your business

Every business has targets. These targets can focus on efficiency, growth or operating results. Security risks could jeopardise your business goals. It is essential to prevent this. There are effective tools that ensure that your company remains both productive and safe. However you might not think of Microsoft 365 to help you with this. In this blog, we give you some tips to better secure your company with Microsoft 365.

Use MS 365 to protect your data on all devices

Within your business people work on all kinds of different devices. Laptops, PCs, smartphones and so on. Someone may lose a device or have it stolen. How do you deal with this? Does the person who currently owns your device also have direct access to your company information? Microsoft 365 helps keep your data safe. With Microsoft 365 you manage access. For example, you have the following security measures:

  • Mobile device management (MDM), ensures mobile devices are up to date and have secure access to email, documents and other assets.
  • Is a device stolen or lost? You erasing data remotely data erasure is an option. Does an employee leave the company? Then you only delete the company data from the device and personal data is retained.
  • With Microsoft 365, you can set a security policy for everyone and every device to classify data by protection level.

Protection against outside threats with Microsoft 365

We all know the external threats which can threaten your business like phishing, malware and ransomware. Microsoft 365 improves your security with cloud services that protect you against these kind of attacks. Microsoft  365 uses (amongst others) Advanced Threat Protection (ATP). This is an email filter that continuously scans your incoming mail for viruses and malware. Windows Defender is also an important incentive. This security, which is enforced on all PCs with Windows 10, protects your devices against viruses, malware and spyware.

Use Microsoft 365 to help protect your business

Use and store data safely with Microsoft 365

Do you need an old project that you have to work on again? With unlimited cloud archiving and a set retention policy, you can securely store all your company data long term. You will also have to keep various data due to legislation and regulations. You can overcome this with Exchange online archiving. Think of saving e-mails, documents and other information. The content of Microsoft Teams, SharePoint and OneDrive can also be easily stored.

Use Microsoft 365 to classify data and prevent leaks

Protect your business data by classifying, labelling and securing documents and emails. That is also what Microsoft 365 brings to your organisation. Microsoft 365 makes it easy to create data loss prevention policies. Sensitive information can be recognised, monitored and protected. Think of social security numbers and credit card information. With Microsoft 365 it is much easier to meet compliance requirements.

Tech-Wales Microsoft 365 consultancy

Should you require assistance setting up Microsoft 365 for your business do not hesitate to contact us at Tech-Wales. We are experts in IT security services and Office 365 consultancy. We have fully trained engineers who combine their knowledge with excellent customer services. We can offer our expertise at competitive prices.