Stop paying hidden costs for business software

Many organisations make the same mistake when calculating the costs for software as many people do when calculating the costs for a car. Businesses primarily look at the purchase price and fuel costs however things like road tax, insurance, maintenance and depreciation are often not being included. Traditional business software also comes with various hidden costs. Tech-Wales will explain these hidden costs for business software and how to eliminate or prevent these hidden costs.

When budgeting IT projects often only the costs for the purchase of the software and external IT consultancy are included. The actual costs are always higher. For example internal hours for implementation, annual maintenance costs, depreciation costs and costs of software failure are not included. This wouldn’t be a significant if those extra costs were relatively low. Unfortunately this is not the case. The maintenance costs for traditional business software are often many times higher than the purchase costs. This can create costs which have not been budgeted.

Risk of (ready made) software packages

Most organisations tend to choose security and safety when it comes to business software. They opt for standard software packages from well-known suppliers, without orienting themselves on what else is available on the market. They are guided by the well-oiled sales machines of these large software companies. They end up buying software packages that do not really match the way their organisation works. They are then included in endless implementation processes of software that ultimately does not do what it should do. These packages also lose much of their flexibility after initial implementation and then require costly maintenance due to the many company-specific configurations. Because inflexible software in organisations leads to stagnating innovation and inefficient processes. This can ultimately result in a loss of your business competitive edge.

How do you escape the vicious circle of expensive software maintenance and stagnating innovation? It is important to look beyond the “standard” software solutions. Traditional customisation is not an option and replacing your package with a different package will most likely cause you the same misery. So let yourself be well informed and look beyond the “safe” choice. There are so many new developments in the field of enterprise software and traditional package suppliers are rarely at the forefront of this.

As a business you shouldn’t be afraid of the unknown. Look at the content and don’t be swayed by outward appearances and slick marketing gossip. In daily life we ​​also experiment with new technology, apps and gadgets, so why are we so conservative on a business level? Most business software is still far too complex and inflexible.

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Stop paying hidden costs for business software


The future of business software

What you should aspire as a modern organisation is business software that moves smoothly with new technology and always retains its flexibility. Software that you can model to your needs. As a business you need software which allows your organisation to simply add new functionality.

Microsoft Office 365 is a package which offers you flexibility as a business. Office 365 is a well known software package can be customised to support your business and offer true value for money. Existing and new apps can be easily integrated and help you build a powerful software package for your business. But perhaps even more important Office 365 offers you the flexibility to access your software from any location at any time.

Whatever software package you decide to use make sure it offers flexibility. Your business will grow and your IT software will need to grow with your changing demands.

Tech-Wales Office 365 Consultancy

At Tech-Wales we offer Office 365 Consultancy combined with business IT support to offer you the complete IT package for your business. We can model Office 365 perfectly for your business to create a perfect software package at a reasonable cost without any hidden costs. Most importantly it will be flexible easy to use and ready for the future. Don’t hesitate to contact us today for your flexible software package.