What is a password manager and should you use it?

An important aspect of cyber security is that you use unique and different passwords for every online account. Unique passwords combined with two factor authorisation gives you an excellent protection against cyber criminals. However it is very difficult to remember a different password for every social media account or any other online account. A password manager can help you with this. What is a password manager and is it safe to use?

A password manager is a program that helps you manage, remember and improve all your passwords. If you are using a password manager you will only have to remember one password, which is the password of the password manager. The average internet user has dozens of online accounts on all kinds of different websites. You need a unique username and safe password for all these accounts. It is not safe to use the same login details for different accounts as hackers have advanced tools to automatically scan all major websites with your hacked user accounts. Using the same login details will be compromised all your online accounts when one of the websites you use is hacked. That is where a password manager can help you. A password manager helps you create and remember all your unique strong passwords.

How does a password manager work?

A password manager is a program which functions as a digital manager for all your passwords and usernames. Do you want to log in to a website, web store or social media account? A password manager will help you looking up and entering the correct username and password. A password manager can store besides login details other sensitive information such as credit card numbers or addresses. Data from a password manager is often synchronized between your various devices (computer, tablet, smartphone). This ensures that you will always have access to all your unique passwords either in the office at your laptop or on the road with your smartphone or tablet.

Using a password manager is much safer than writing down your passwords or collecting them in a text file on your computer. Password managers use advanced encryption to secure your data. This means that a password manager stores your passwords and usernames securely. A password manager also offers support with generating new passwords and improving existing passwords. This means that your passwords will be a lot harder to crack by cyber criminals.

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What is a password manager and should you use it?

Is a password manager safe?

Your login details are often the only protection between a cyber criminal and your valuable personal information. This can be your Twitter account, e-mail address or any other online account. It may sound like a huge risk to store all these passwords in one place. However this is not the case.

Good password managers store all data encrypted usually with a unique key for every user. This makes it extremely difficult for third parties to view your information. Because of all these protections and extra encryption it so much safer to store all your passwords in a manager than to use the same password everywhere or to keep your passwords in a document or on paper. If you combine a good password manager with two factor authorisation you can be sure of the best protection against cyber criminals.

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